''Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender that strength." This slogan or if you want to call it by its name. This is one of the quotes of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think this is a really interesting quote and I like … Continue reading Strength

Returning unexpectedly to one of my favorite places.

What is the meaning of making trips to beautiful places? Why going there and making pictures? What do you feel inside when you are there? What do you feel when you are making pictures?  These are questions that came into my head today during listing to Zen music and watching my pictures of yesterday.  In … Continue reading Returning unexpectedly to one of my favorite places.

When noon is past. (Photo competition)

I participate in a photo competition. Would you please vote for my photo. First click on the link to vote …please!👍If you want to share this message after you have been voting my photo …. please do, Thanks so much.🙏 Partecipo a un concorso fotografico. Vorresti per favore votare la mia foto. Per prima cosa … Continue reading When noon is past. (Photo competition)