Like a painting.

Like a painting.


I’m a little bit  proud of this photo. The photo is a bit overexposed and also has dark colours but still …
It looks like a painting, but it’s not a real painting. Photography can be very close to painting because sometimes a photo can just look like a painting.

A painting is a snapshot just like a photo. The only advantage is that you can remove the photo and not the painting. You can use Lightroom for the colours and correction. I don’t use lightroom and I don’t want to make many corrections.

But should everything be so perfect?
What is a perfect photo now?
I find it much more fascinating than when you can look through the eyes of the photographer or painter and feel and understand what the artist or photographer wants to give you with his work.

There are now many photographers around the world. And people quickly call themselves a photographer, but the real photographers can be picked out right away.

A photographer who lets you look at the world through his eyes. He leaves a message that you will think about and keeps you busy.  You will take the message with you during your journey in this world.

I found this frase of Alfred Eisenstaedt and i think i will keep it with me for a while during my photography journey.

• ‘The important thing is not the camera but the eye.’ ~ Alfred Eisenstaedt

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