L’appuntamento con il mare.

Today i found these two pictures that i photographed a week before we had to stay at home. The last sunset that i have seen.  It was a beautiful afternoon, cold but the sun was there looking at us.  These two pictures make me feel  proud.  I don t know why. Maybe it is the music. Music can make you feel different kind of emotions.  At this moment i am listing to the song La Bambola from Patty Bravo. She is singing what is happening with her lover and what kind of influence he has on her. It is a song of 1968.

Marina di Massa, Italy.

I am a photographer who loves making photos of different kind of sunsets. These sunsets give me every time a different kind of emotion and feeling.  How she discribes in her song.

Marina di Massa, Italy.

I miss making pictures of the sunsets. Fortunately i can find my pictures on my computer  and be inspired to make new ideas for now and later when i can visit my favourite place again.  I will make a special appointment with my special place.


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