A bit of light between the dark clouds.



Today is not an easy day. The sun is not shinning and the clouds are more grey like in this photo. Maybe it is better because you have to stay inside anyway. For me it is ok but my kids are not happy when there is no sun. This photo is one from the old box. It explains a bit the day of today and the situation where we are living in these days, months. Who knows when there comes light in this dark situation. If you look at the photo you can see that there also can be light between the dark clouds. I miss that place. The place where i can relax and set my mind free. Dream away and make my passion reality. My passion of making photos, make moments keep standing still for a second.

This time I am listening  to some meditation music to search for the inner peace. Trying to feel the same peace and energy when i am at my favourite place. I can quietly get there but it is not the same. Clear the head and start all over. One day we will get there again and see my children play with the stones and the water while I am taking my photos.

Dear place i will see you when i see you.

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