Returning unexpectedly to one of my favorite places.

What is the meaning of making trips to beautiful places? Why going there and making pictures? What do you feel inside when you are there? What do you feel when you are making pictures?  These are questions that came into my head today during listing to Zen music and watching my pictures of yesterday.  In the background i hear my kids playing with cars and they are inventing a story of cars driving through the mountains. The police car is following them. That means that the day trips we make give them a story to tell during playing with their cars. I think that i do the same thing with my pictures. There is a story behind them.  Maybe you can tell a different story when you are looking at my pictures. It gives you a different kind of feeling or a story to tell.

Bedizzano Toscana, Italy.

These mountains are beautiful and you can see that there is also marble out there. The road that we took is the same road for the trucks who are picking up the marble.

First you drive through a few tunnels and  you can follow the road to go up to the mountains. You follow the the beautiful nature and the beautiful mountains. They are so special now with the green colours. This is not even the top of the mountains. Follow the road and you will find more mountains and more beauty. Le cave delle montagne!

Bedizzano Toscana, Italy.

We already took that road before and you can see the marble caves. I would like to go back there to make some more pictures.  Because of the virus in the world everybody had to stay at home. The nature became itself again. So if you have a nice sunny day it is a good time make pictures.

Bedizzano Toscana, Italy.

The people are already destroying the nature again. Leaving stuff behind that they have used when they were walking in the nature. The protection they use for themselves, they leave it for the nature!

When i am looking at these pictures i feel and think that the nature must be proud of it self. Fighting for not being destroyed by the human.

Bedizzano Toscana, Italy.


Nature be proud of yourself and keep on fighting.  I will come back to look for you again and make some beautiful pictures of you!

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