Dream away for just a moment.

Today it is better to look at pictures and dream away. This picture I made last Sunday. To be honest I was staring at the picture during listening to some music. I forgot for a moment the things that were happening around me. What a nice feeling!

I have been missing it for a while now, to have some peace and silence. Time to relax is to difficult to find. There is no time or place for that.  Sometimes you need to have your space and put all the things that are happening or already have happend in his place. It can gave you a lot of  energy.



This picture is made in Campo Cecina, Massa Carrara in Italy. There is a view of the mountains and the caves for the marble.  It is also one of the places where i like to go to. Especially when there is no one. But last Sunday there were to many people.

We will go back there for sure in autumn . The light is different then and there are not many people.The nature is so green now and the sky is so blu.Summer blu! The light is perfect for making pictures. Now a days there are so many people who come there for the pictures. Every places can give you a kind of energy and emotions.  I rather make one good picture and dream away with it.  But secretly of course i made more pictures but not so many as usually.


This picture I made along the road to Campo Cecina. A beautiful road that I hope to drive again soon!


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