Attitude is a choice.

It was time again that I started working on my website. These last few months i didn’t have any time. Today I will take some time for it.
I will put some music on and let my thoughts go. I came across this photo that I made some time ago. A while ago I changed one of my Instagram pages and this is one of the photos that I put there. The name of the page is: ” Hey think positive!”

“Attitude is a choice….” This is my today’s quote.
I am listening to Wolf Winters who has made three covers. His voice and the lyrics touch me and make me think. Lately I have been standing at times where this quote was very applicable. When you are taking a moment for yourself you realise that in a way.

The titles of these three songs are: Hurt, Black, Stop this train.

I was already looking at the photos and they fit well with these three songs.
The colored flower is missing some leaves just like the flower in black and white but still stands proudly upright.

I take the first three sentences of the third song:
“No I’m not colorblind
I know the world is black and white
Try to keep an open mind but ……”

The world is changing.
The mentality. You see fear in people that can lead to arrogance and insecurity. Then you automatically change your behavior! But you have a choice to change.

First you have to change your behavior!
In positivity and take your friends into this energy!

Attitude is a choice!

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