”Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender that strength.” This slogan or if you want to call it by its name. This is one of the quotes of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think this is a really interesting quote and I like it for today. Maybe also for the other days of course but especially today. I don’t know why and I am trying to explain it to myself but it’s it’s difficult to explain. Today I found also an old song, I think from two years ago. I don’t know exactly but it gave me a special feeling when I was listening to it. It’s from Hilda and Don Diablo and it’s called :”wake me when it’s quiet.” If you listen to the text of the song maybe you can relate to it because this song is written by a girl who was a big fan of Avicii. He was a famous DJ who died very young.
It happened in the year of 2018 and the world was in shock. I remember so was I.

Later I heard this song in a program on tv. This song gave me so much power, I can’t explain it. But when I am shooting photos and looking at the nature and trying to grow in my passion for photography is it’s an amazing feeling. She has written an incredible song. I will write down a couple of phrases to explain. She wrote:”Never enough. You always find those days when it’s rough. But you need to feel existent. Keep it real and be persistent.”

She’s absolutely right. You have to fight for what you like, but be real and be persistent.

If you want to achieve something in your life. Then fight for it. But if you don’t agree or don’t feel that you have to do it. Then don’t! Follow your heart and your soul but think with the brain.

I think this song will always give me the spirit and the strength to go on and to do what’s right but it will not be easy all the time, you have to work for it.

If I go back to the phrase that I found from Arnold Schwarzenegger. I think it’s true. Strength doesn’t come from winning maybe it does a little bit, but if you’re struggling. It’s easy to give up, if you are struggling to hard. But you can grow and learn to survive that struggle and to get rid of the struggle. And that will give you strength. So do not try to surrender that easy.

Now back to the photo. This photo I made I think a couple of months ago not that long ago.

I was a little bit down of the situation and I didn’t get enough time for myself because if you have a family life your kids are always going to be first. I think you can express yourself in different kinds of art. Art is a big word. Art can be photos. Art can be music. Art can be video. Art can be tattoos, Art can be just looking outside the window and see something happen and it’s art.

But sometimes you need to be inspired. You have to be open for it. Not everybody is an artist or have feelings for art. It lives inside you. In these days everybody who makes pictures called them sells photographers and I think that’s wrong a real photographer touches your soul with his pictures. It does something with your heart, soul and the brain. But if you don’t try you’ll never know.I can say that I’m proud of this picture and I hope in the future there will be more. I will keep the spirit alive in my heart in my soul and especially in my brains. Sometimes you only need to wake up to get that spirit back again.

So today I’m going to struggle but I am going to get my strength.

Have a nice day everyone and write to you soon.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. This quote is one of my favourite. I am happy that you like what I’am sharing. You have a beautiful and interesting blog and I hope that you can share more beautiful places this year when it is possible with this virus. Let’s hope indeed for a better 2021. Have a wonderful weekend. And thank you again, these comments give me the strength to keep on writing and sharing my posts.

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