“‘ When you’re in a dark sometimes tend to think you’ve been buried. Perhaps you’ve been planted. Bloom!”

I found this quote some days ago and it keeps me thinking. I like this quote. It is important that you feel it. Maybe it is a new beginning. I already started my new beginning in March 2020 but now after Christmas i feel finally that i am working hard to grow. So i feel that i have been planted and now I have to grow first and then bloom.

Sometimes you need to make the first steps alone and maybe with only a little bit of help. You need to grow and bloom. Little pieces will help you to grow but you need to have the strenght to bloom. A flower needs water, daylight and the sun to grow. If a flower can grow and bloom with only a little bit of help then so can I?

I have been working out again and three days ago i had this view during my workout.

copr.Marina Bekkers

People are so surprised that there is so much snow in the mountains and they are going there like crazy people visiting that beautiul place. But our government is against it because of the virus. People are going any way. This photo made in Carrara, Tuscany in Italy. In these mountains there are also the caves of marble. .

The next day i went for a workout in my hometown. Marina di Massa, Tuscany in Italy. One of my favourite places to be.

copr.Marina Bekkers

The beach. I feel at home here. It was early in the morning. I think there were only three other people for a walk. It was very cold but fortunetly the sun was shining and kept my back warm. The ocean was so beautiful blu. It was a perfect light for making pictures. To bloom you need also the sun. So during my workout i had the time to think about how i would like to grow and would like to bloom. You need a motivation to go to where you want to go. When i looked behind me i saw this beautiful view.

copr. Marina Bekkers

What do you want more then this view?

After these two beautiful and innovating days i finally started a new project called Energy Mary. My little bit of help were, the workout in two beautiful places and the music. Search for the little things that will help you.

You can find the blog on my website.

Time to Bloom!

Have a great weekend everyone.

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