Invest in yourself.

“Invest in yourself. Meditate. Read. Eat healthy food. Drink water. Move your body. Spend time in nautre. Rest up. You are worthy. ” This is the quote for today because I like this one a lot. The most important word is worthy . You are worth it.

This is the quote for today because the phrase it’s so absolutely right. You have to invest in yourself and that’s absolutely true. This day…this morning I’ve started again with my workout. 1st I brought my kids to school and then I thought I’m going to invest in myself again and that’s working out. Every time I’m so proud of myself because you’re worthy to work on yourself. You can meditate in many ways and some people are really going to sit down and meditate. And there are some people who meditate in a form like listening to music, take a walk ,chat with people. When I am walking for my exercise I listen to music and sometimes I stop to make pictures because after all I’m a photographer. So if you see things outside, that inspire you. You want to make a picture. When I left home I took another street to start and the first view that I saw where the mountains. I love the mountains because they change in every season. But it was cold outside and the snow was on the mountain. Then my walk continues in the direction to the ocean. When I arrive at the ocean I feel kind of free and that’s also a moment for a picture. Then I take a long walk at the beach and I am brainstorming and listen to music. When I go back home after a long walk along work out I have a view of the mountains again. So special. So if you want to invest in yourself , one of mine is working out.

Eat healthy food is important and drink lots of water.I think you don’t have to exaggerate in healthy food if you eat 3 times a day then it must be alright depends on what you are eating of course. In the winter time it’s more difficult to drink the water but then you drink tea.

You can invest in yourself in many ways. You only need to try to feel what’s best for you. People can give you advice but only you know what’s best for you. Don’t forget that advise can help you.

As a photographer you want to have success and succeed in what you do and when you are not investing in yourself you cannot succeed as a photographer.I have to invest in myself as a photographer.I’m still learning, still searching ,still practising for to have the best Photo ever. For examples, you need to understand when you have a good light to make a spectacular photo or video also. I am still learning. When I see that there is so many light, what do I have to do with the camera? Making for example sunset photos is not as easy as you think because the sunsets can be so nice but the light can be so strong that it can ruin your photo. I hope that one of these days I have time to make sunset photos again because I miss it. And I need also to practice. You see that you can make beautiful pictures with your phone if you have a good phone, but I think a photographer can make a splendid photo with whatever kind of camera or phone.I know I’m still learning and I will keep on learning how to make a beautiful picture.

We started the new year, the year off 2021. I’m going to try to invest in myself in many ways. One of them of course is photography.

Listen to yourself ,to your heart and your soul but use your brain carefully. And try to accept advice from other people because sometimes that can be the key of success.

Have a great day everyone and write to you soon.

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