Sometimes things that hurt you the most, teach you the greatest lessons in life.

Today I’ve chosen this quote” Sometimes things that hurt you the most teach you the greatest lessons in life”. It’s a phrase that you have to repeat yourself many times to really understand what it means. And also really ask yourself, is it really true? You don’t want to get hurt. Does it mean that you really first want to get hurt to learn from it, or stuff happening in your life that hurt you without thinking? I don’t think that you choose to get hurt, it happens to you. And I think you can learn from it but sometimes you can get so deep into your feelings when they are hurt. That it’s difficult to get out. You will stay in pain. You want to get out but you can’t because you have to resolve your pain that you have inside. And sometimes you need to do that by yourself but sometimes maybe you need someone to heal together. Because when you are hurt inside it’s like a wound. This wound needs to heal. Maybe it leaves also a scar. Or maybe it doesn’t even give you a scare and you can go on with your life. You feel much stronger. This scar is a sign that remains with you for the rest of your life. You can cover it up. But it always will be there. And from those scars you can learn a lot. Life without scars is a life with lots of luck. I think that you need to except the scars that you have. They are part of your life. Do not try to hide them but also do not try to show them to certain people because they will take advantage of you. If you want to grow ,learn from your wounds and from your scars.

So I really do agree with this phrase but I think the phrase was better if it was:” Sometimes things that hurt you, teaches you the greatest lessons in life.” Of course there are moments where are you have been hurt a lot. But there are moments in your life that you maybe have been hurt but not that much and it teaches you anyway a lesson in life. People are not the same but are the same. People have characters, different characters, the same characters, similar characters and we are trying to except one another in this big world. So help someone when he gets hurt or is already hurt. I think that you can have the greatest lesson in life by helping people to heal from the hurt that they have inside.

Today it is Saturday and it’s a sunny day and the greatest lesson in life for today is:” Enjoy life and try to be there for other people who really needs you!”

Have a great Saturday and Sunday ,write to you soon!

Copr.Marina Bekkers

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