A goal without a plan is just a wish!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Yes that’s my quote for this week. I have so many quotes that I want to show you. But this week I have this quote, that keeps me thinking a lot. You can have so many goals in your life that you want to achieve. And a wish is different. A wish is something you are dreaming of that you would like to have or to do. And it can become a goal if you work on it. “I wish I would be happy”. It can remain a wish or you can do something about it and it will be your goal. So if you’re not planning it. It remains your wish and it cannot be your goal. So this quote is for most of the part true. But they say:” A wish can come true!” A wish is something that you really want to happen, or to do, to see and to feel. And your wish can come true also even if it happens all of the sudden. Then it is a big surprise for you. You are dreaming of it but do you accept it, that it remains a wish.

Then somebody gives you an unexpected surprise and that wish came true. For example you want to have a photo camera but you will never have enough money to buy one. So it’s a wish! Then your father and your mother give you that special camera that you like. So your wish came true to have that camera!
It is only an example but there are many other examples where you can see that, A wish remains a wish, but the wish can come true also when it didn’t became your goal.

But it is important to have a goal in life, to work on the goal and to finish that goal. Because life without goals not is really life.

Things like the goals in your life, will give you the opportunity to grow, to learn and to accomplish something in your life. When you are young, people ask you :” What do you want to be in life?” I think at that age it’s difficult to know what your goal is what you want to be like when you’re older. Give a child time to explore themselves and help them to grow, help them to search for their wishes and their goals in life. But in the end you have to be the one who choose your goals in your life!

So make that wish into a goal and believe in yourself. “Just do it because you can!”

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