“Choice” “Chance” “Change”.

“Choice” “ Chance” “ Change”
You must make A “Choice”
To take a “Chance”
Or your life will never “Change”

Oh I love this one. You must take a choice to take a chance or you’ll never change. It’s so beautiful this one.

It’s not easy to make a choice sometimes but if you don’t make a choice you don’t have a chance to change. Sometimes I think people don’t even want to change. But if you want to change ,make the choice. You have a choice ,so take a choice.

There are many people who want to change but they don’t even have the chance to change. And if they had the choice to change they would take the chance.

Think about it. It’s a new year the year of 2021. If you had a choice what would you change in your life if you got a chance?
For me this year I want to start all over not with everything but with a big part of it. The big part was my lifestyle. One goal is getting better and better every day in photography. So I have to change my lifestyle to work on that goal.
That means that I have to take time for myself more often to practice photography and work on my website. Changing my lifestyle means that I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to start running and maybe there will be another goal but for now this is what I want. So I have a choice and that choice is important to me. So I made my choice and I take my chance in this new year to change. And you know what? I’m so happy that I decided to work on myself. Because I give inspiration and more cure to my sons and to my husband. That is a beautiful thing. But the most beautiful thing is that my sons are proud of me and they say it every day! What more do you want in life?

If you had made the choice you have to go on make your goals and finish your goals. Sometimes it’s not easy I know but you have to be strong and think about the power that you have inside you to complete your new choice for taking the chance to change your life.

If your choice was not the best choice then change your choice to get another chance. Because if you really want to change then you will get another chance if you have another choice.

Some people are afraid of changing because of the unknown. And to be honest so am I but I am glad that I made this choice. And you know there will be times when It can be complicated or difficult. If that’s so change a little bit your goal because you have the choice to change goals. So then in the end you will change. Don’t be hard on yourself, give yourself a chance to change. And don’t be mad about yourself if it doesn’t work because it doesn’t mean that you will not have another choice to make the chance to change! Be proud of what you have achieved. Don’t give up if you fall down, stand up and go on with what you’re doing. Because deep inside you there is a warrior in every person.But sometimes it only needs to come out. And sometimes also with a little bit of help from friends and family.
And don’t be ashamed for that because it’s normal that people help other people.

So get a pen and write down your goals for this year because you have a choice to take a chance to change your life. Have a great day everyone write to you soon.

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