Don’t force pieces that don’t fit!

Don’t force pieces that don’t fit. This is my quote for today. This is one of the most quotes that I agree with. And actually this is one of my favourite ones. I see this quote coming back almost every time in some situations. And I think there are people who don’t realise this. They just don’t see it or they ignore it, or they don’t want to know about it.
It’s a bit the same like don’t force something that isn’t there. For example, there are people who are trying so hard to have a friendship with someone. And that someone doesn’t feel like it. Don’t force anyone to have friendship with you if they don’t want to. And to be honest they are not worth fighting for. So don’t spill your energy on people who don’t want to be your friend. So forcing something is a little bit negative. But if you force yourself to do something that is scaring. You can turn it out positive. It can make you stronger if you accomplish what you had to do that was scary. For example there are people who are afraid to go outside alone for doing the grocery shopping. If that person forces himself to go alone for the grocery shopping, it’s positive. He or she accomplished something really big. Because it’s something big for that person. So forcing yourself to do something that you find difficult is a good thing.

But forcing things that actually do not fit is wrong. Because if you force too much it will be ruined. If you force too much in a friendship. The friendship will be ruined.I think it’s difficult to understand sometimes if you’re forcing too much or you need to force more to accomplish what you want.
Do you need to waste time on something that maybe doesn’t deserve your time? Do you need to force all of your energy into something that doesn’t deserve your energy?
And who decides that?
Was it all worth it?

I think that in the end you will see if you need to stop forcing. Sometimes with a little bit help of your friends because they can give you advice. But there will always be someone who just don’t get it and he will keep forcing and forcing and forcing. You need to ignore him or just walk away.

Sometimes it’s for the best to stop forcing and except that it doesn’t fit! Have a nice day everybody, write to you soon.

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