Time waits for no one.

Today I woke up with this song in my head. It’s already two days I think that I am waking up with this beautiful song of Queen: “Time waits for no one.” It’s a beautiful song of Queen and it gives me a kind of feeling inside. A feeling of peace. And the pieces are searching for a good place in my memory. Thursday it was the birthday of my son and it was a hectic day but also a lovely day. When you see the happiness in the eyes of your son, it gives you an incredible feeling. We had also, I don’t know how do you call these things. But we had also a wish balloon in the evening. And when the balloon was gone up in the air, I was proud of my family. We are in four people in this family and we are complete.

Time waits for no one! We are building this family together and use the time right because it’s true that the time passes by. It does not stand still for you. To wait for you. You have to use your time right because You cannot stop the clock for some time to save time.

If you really think about it. Then time is something precious. So use it carefully. Because 30 minutes ago you cannot change them anymore into something else. Don’t waste your time on stupid things. Don’t waste your time with fighting. Don’t waste your time crying about stupid things that are not worth crying about. Safe your tears for later because you will need them one day. If you have the chance to spend your time in a different way that makes you happy then do it. I know there are moments of time where you are obligated to do something. If that’s so use your mind good. Maybe for you it’s a waste of time but in the end there is always a wise lesson to it.

Time waits for no one! Think about it and reflect on what you have been doing today. So maybe tomorrow you will do it different because maybe you found the 30 minutes or even more or even less time waisted on doing nothing.

Queen thank you so much for this beautiful song. What a brave song writer you were.
Have a great and innovating beautiful day everyone and remember don’t waste your time on bullshit!
Write to you soon!

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