Strength, mastery and power!

Can you have your own opinion these days? Can you explain them to people? Do you feel free to express your opinion? It is a difficult subject because there are different consequences to it. If you express them there are many people who are following you. Or you have absolutely no one who is following you! Because there is always someone with the opposite opinion who has the balls to express themselves. If it is right or wrong. Sometimes people can act like sheep’s. Even if the leader is saying stuff that ain’t relevant to the subject but!!!! Yes we are following him anyway. To go with the crowd. Well I would rather stand out and go my own way! Maybe you are standing on your own but I rather be on my own then follow all those sheep’s.

You live in a free country but when you give your opinion then people turn their backs to you. There is still racism. People are still not totally accepted. Who’s fault is that? Is a fault of someone? I think it can be. People have different characters but also similar characters. They say opposites attract but also similar people attracts.

I think that’s true when you have self-control is strength. Or you can be a strong person. And if you can remain calm, that is power. Right thought is mastery. Yes true but who decides if you’re thoughts are the right ones. I think that has to do with education. Everyone has thoughts that they think that they are the right ones. Maybe for you they are not right. But if you accept his or her thoughts that is mastery. Because if you accept their thoughts, you have respect for them to let them give their opinion and thoughts. I think it all begins with respect! 

Respect and acceptance! Accept that people are different and have their reasons for how they are. Can you look in their past, present or future? Everyone has a reason why they have different thoughts! Just think about it! Have a nice day everyone and write to you soon.

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