“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal”

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal”

This is a new quote that I found and it’s an interesting quote. After writing about other quotes with the same type of significance. To have a goal in life is important. You can have many goals and maybe you succeed them all. Or maybe only one that is more important to you. You try to make a plan for the goal. And you hope this plan will succeed your goal. It happens sometimes that the plan you made doesn’t work with your goal but it doesn’t mean that you have to change the goal. It is also important that you don’t change it. Change your plan! If you change your plan, maybe it will help you to succeed your goal. What is more important is to never give up! Sometimes a big change in your plan will help you more to achieve your goals. Maybe someone can help you or guide you. You can have many goals and many plans and you hope that they succeed all. But only hoping isn’t enough. If you have a choice to change your plan to achieve your goals, then take that chance. Don’t think that you have failed because sometimes you only need to change the strategy. See it as a wise lesson. See it as a new opportunity. And be proud of what you have achieved already.
I know it is al easy talking. Because if you’re at that moment that you see, that it is not a good plan to reach your goal. It can put you down. And your motivation isn’t there anymore for achieving your goal. Forget immediately that demotivation because you always have to have faith in yourself. Sometimes it is only a wise lesson to change your plan. You only can learn from it.

Yesterday I was doing my workout and that’s near the beach. The ocean was wild, high waves. My goal was to do the usually work out. That was my goal but I had to change the plan because it was too risky for walking at the beach. So I had to change my plan to reach my goal. And that’s okay! I tried to make pictures but it was too difficult. There were so many people and for me it was more important to do my workout. So sometimes you need to step back a little bit to go further. And get a little bit more stronger. Excepting is a very important thing. Like admitting. People have problems with admitting. I think if you can admit that you were wrong, you’re stronger then you think you are. Have the guts to do what is right. Have the balls to stand up for yourself. But that will maybe another quote someday. So in the end I was happy that I changed my plan to reach my goal. When the ocean is so wild like that yesterday it’s almost a scary movie. Because when the ocean is so wild,it is also really dangerous. I think the ocean is wild and it needs to change his goal. The ocean throws all the rubbish that he has inside the ocean out on the coast. And slowly the ocean will calm himself and will have peace because he achieved his goal. It means that it is worth fighting for by changing your plan to reach your goals!

Just think about it! And write to you soon.

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