“We all have ability.The difference is how we use it.”

“We all have ability.The difference is how we use it.

This is the slogan for today and it’s a difficult one.I think we all have ability that’s true but we also have different kind of possibility. It’s easy to say that people use their ability in different ways. How you use your ability of course it’s a difference. For example there are people with a lot of money who succeed and have the ability to have more money. They have maybe used a different way of their ability but they are lucky. There are people who have the ability inside them and they will use it in the way that they think is right. But in the end it went so different. We all have ability of course. We do but only ability isn’t enough. A couple of days, I wrote choice chance and change. These two slogans are very close to each other. If you have a choice and ability to change then you take that chance. But there are people who are lucky to have all those four possibility’s to accomplish for what they want. For example a son of a rich father has ability to get as rich as his father and he will use it in a different way. A son of a poor father has maybe the ability to grow and accomplish his goals but not in a easy way. He has to work hard for it. And maybe he is more motivated to show the people that he can be that man that he wants to be. So ability is a big word and with different kinds of signification.

Everybody has ability but you also have to look at the possibility of a person. Does he has help?
Is he a survivor? Is he a fighter?
For example the son of a father who is poor maybe has more ability because of his character to accomplish his goals then a son of a rich father. He has to work hard for it and is because of that, more stimulated because he wants to have a good future. But believe me there are also people who have the ability to accomplish their goals but they’re too lazy to fight for it. And that’s really a shame.

Let’s say I have the ability to make photographs. But I have to work hard for it to be seen by people. Maybe another photographer has more money and has more possibility to grow and been seen as a photographer but his ability is less. I have always this phrase in my head:” You are a good photographer if you can make a picture, but a really good picture with any kind of camera. “. Because you can have a lot of expensive cameras, lenses and everything around it but it doesn’t mean that you can make the perfect picture. And everybody nowadays call themselves photographers if they make photos just occasionally. I think a real photographer feels it in his heart and soul. Sees things that other people don’t see. That if you have your perfect photo that the person who is looking at it sees a story. It is art if you have the perfect picture. There are many photographers with ability to grow. And have the possibility to get there where they want to be. So use your ability wise. Just think about it and write to you soon!

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