“Life isn’t easy for people with overthinking minds and sensitive hearts.”

“Life isn’t easy for people with overthinking minds and sensitive hearts.”
Well this is the new quote and it’s a strong quote but also not. I think that you cannot say that life isn’t easy for people who are overthinking or are sensitive. Because for everybody, life can be difficult. And I think there are strong people who live their life more easy because of the way they are. I think it’s beautiful to have a sensitive heart because you feel maybe the pain from someone else and you can help him better by healing. And a overthinking mind. I think it’s more stimulating then ever. You only need away to free your mind. You can search for a way to free it like for example reading a book or writing a book. Listen to music. Do a workout or take a long walk at the beach or in the city.

Of course a sensitive heart and overthinking mind is not easy but I think there are so many people with other kinds of difficulties in their lives that you cannot believe and understand.I know it’s just a quote But this quote doesn’t feel right. You can also say:”oh it’s only a quote dear.” Yes I know but it has to be a good one. I think at this moment in this world we are living a life that isn’t easy for everybody not only for the overthinking mind and sensitive hearts. The world is changing and the life of people is harder and more complicated. But it’s the way you live your life. You can go and stand still and watch other people struggling with their life’s or you can become a fighter in your heart and keep on going.
I think a sensitive heart with a fighter in it is very beautiful. And sensitive and overthinking people are very interesting people. Instead of saying that life is difficult for them you can help them. And sorry for saying but, it’s best to have a sensitive heart then a heart like a fridge. And it’s better to have a overthinking mind to a empty mind, is it?

But nowadays everybody has their opinion about quotes, phrases, people, culture, sex, religion and so on. And some people are wise they leave their opinion for what they are , for what it is, because nowadays it doesn’t make any sense anymore to say what you have to say. There is no freedom of speech, Freedom for being who you are. Racism is still there. And pay attention if you are standing up for somebody because he will get to you too. So this quote it needs to be changed or you only read it and forget it.

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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