“Arrogance is the camouflage of insecurity.”

“Arrogance is the camouflage of insecurity.”

It’s a new quote. I have seen this one passing by many times.
I think that this one is the truth. Being arrogant it’s not such a bad thing because, I think arrogance makes you also a strong person. And you can be arrogant in many things. In some things it’s important to be arrogant because otherwise you can get it under your skin. When it’s getting under your skin it’s already too late. Also insecurity is not really a bad thing. Sometimes you need to be insecure because you have to be strong and you will survive that insecurity. But there are many levels in the way of being insecure and in the way of being arrogant. When both of them is too much, it’s not okay. When you’re too arrogant, you are going to walk beside your shoes. If you’re too insecure. You are vulnerable for the predator. For example you see that many times at schools that vulnerable and insecure kids will be teased by the arrogant kids. And it will not remain with teasing but eventually it will become bullying. And there is one thing I hate and that is bullying. Who do you think you are to bully people? These insecure kids need to stand up for themselves and get a little bit arrogant like those who already are. If you are standing alone it’s difficult to get that arrogance. He or she can feel more stronger with someone else besides them. And bullying happens also in the adult world. And I have been there in these two worlds. I have been bullied when I was a kid and as a grown-up. And at one day it was enough. I’m still regretting it from this day that I haven’t been arrogant enough in the past to stand up for myself and leave this bullying kids and adults for what they are. So to be honest I hate people who are arrogant and I like people who are insecure because you can help them grow and give them that arrogance that they need to survive. Because in these days in this world you have to have a survival instinct otherwise the predator will find you. So to be arrogant it’s okay and you need to be arrogant sometimes but please do not be an arrogant because you think you’re all that. If you are insecure try to grow and have more confidence in yourself. Leave a little bit of that insecurity inside you because one day you will find the perfect companion, husband, wife or friend who will stand beside you and change that insecurity in confidence.

But you know what, those arrogant people or kids are more insecure than you think they are. Arrogance is really a camouflage of insecurity. They are afraid of people who don’t accept them as who they are. So that arrogance is like a shield that protects them from predators or from the feeling to fail. But I think in the end these arrogant people will fail one day. Who knows what is inside their head what they are thinking off. And there will always be the lucky arrogant people who will not fail. They will have many successes in their lives and they are keep on going until they die.

I think arrogance and jealousy are also very close to each other. And they’re both a camouflage of his security. These two words together are very dangerous.

People or kids who are bullying other people or kids, most of the time they’re jealous of them. And they will be arrogant because they want to hide their jealousy. If you’re insecure you will be a little bit the silent type. And people noticed that so you will be an easy target. But in a way of another, why do we make life so difficult for ourselves and for other people? Why Is it so difficult to accept people who are maybe more silent or they dress different? Or they are bigger, smaller, taller and so on then other people? Why can’t we just except people from the way who they are? Why can’t you be you? Why do you need a shield to protect yourself? These questions I had when I was a kid and still now as an adult! Why have these arrogant people a camouflage for their insecurity? I think we are living in a world with people who have different kind of characters and these characters make people like who they are. I think there has to be more education and explanation and so many more things to make life a little bit more easier for people. We still have a lot to learn! We will get there one day if everybody starts with excepting other people and respect other people.

Just think about it and write to you soon.

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