“Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life.“

“Happiness is an inside job. Don’t assign anyone else that much power over your life.”

This is the quote for today and it’s an interesting one. Because happiness is a big word. And happiness is that really a job inside you? Do I get it wrong this one this time? One thing is absolutely true that you don’t Assign anyone else that much power over your life. When somebody has power over your life then you have to change it immediately. Because you have the control over your life not someone else. Of course they can be moments that you lose control and that someone else takes a little bit of your life. But you have to realise it in time so that you can turn it around, so that you can take control again. I think happiness is a big word and I think that people sometimes feel happiness. But what is happiness? For example this morning finally I did my workout in the morning and my goal was to run/walk 9 km. And I did it. It felt so good and I felt so proud and yes I felt happiness. But maybe that happiness stays in the morning, remains a little bit in the morning but then you go on with your life. So what does it mean happiness? How long does it take that happiness? How long does it remain that happiness? Can you feel that happiness your entire life? So like every day? Every moment of the day? Every second of the day? To be honest I don’t know. The only thing that’s important for me when I die, that I can say that I have lived a happy life. Do you like to feel that happiness?

When someone has power over your life, that’s absolutely wrong. It’s a bit the same like when someone has control over your life. Control and power are very close to each other. And I think both of them are your worst enemy. You need to have control and power over your life not someone else. Maybe someone can guide you along your journey of life but have power and control over your life absolutely not. I think when you’re very ill then you don’t have the power and control of your body and over your life. That’s a point that is difficult, I think for everybody! Because you let go of your power and your control and also your happiness and your life is in someone else’s hands. Those are the hands, Can you trust them? There are people who are happy single and they say that they feel free to do whatever they want. But to have a partner, a companion or husband/ wife by your side will give you the security that if you lose your control or power they will help you. If it’s really love of course. And maybe it’s a kind of happiness you will have that together. You will have power and control over your lives together. Standing strong, Powerful! It’s so nice if you can share your happiness with someone. Only you need to be careful with who you share your happiness. Not everybody deserves your happiness. So in the end,yes this quote is true! Just think about it and write to you soon.

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