“ Writing a book ain’t easy but telling the story is easy.”

“Writing a book ain’t easy but telling the story is easy.”

Well this kind of quote we already had a little bit you know, but I like this one. Because you can see it if you are really a writer and you have to write a book or the book is your life that we are talking about. And the story in the book is your life. For the writer who wrote that story you can easily tell it to anyone.
How to clear everything a little bit up?! Well if you are talking about a writer who wrote a book and you want to tell the story of that book. It is easy if you read the book. When you didn’t read, well then it is not that easy to tell the story.

When the book is your story! The story hasn’t even finished yet because you are not dead yet. And hopefully it takes a while! But if you want to tell your story, it can be easy but sometimes maybe not. There have been moments in your life that you maybe want to forget or when you got hurt! And it hurts still even when you want to tell it. The book has chapters. So these little stories in your life are calling chapters. In these chapters can be flashbacks of your life of the past chapters. So maybe it can be easy to tell a chapter of your book but not your whole book. And to be honest not the whole wild world needs to know all the chapters. Easy chapters you maybe tell to friends and relatives. More interesting chapters you tell to your true and close friends and family! Easy everyday chapters you can tell to anyone who is interested. It ain’t that easy to find really true and honest friends who you also put in your chapters. They will walk with you trough your journey. These chapters can develop themselves in beautiful and special chapters. Maybe they are easy to tell but also difficult because they gave you something special. And when these chapters are passing by, they give you maybe a beautiful flashback. Writing a book is so special. And when you’re older you can tell your story to your grandchildren or maybe first to your kids. So think about your book, your chapters and your story to tell! Only you can write and tell them. Maybe others in the future will read your book and tell your story!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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