“Love, Honesty, Truth and Respect.”

“There are four very important words in life “love, honesty, truth and respect.” Without these in your life, you have nothing.”

This quote I found a couple of days ago on Istagram and it got me thinking but i could not get inspired to write down a good article. It is still a bit hanging there in my head ready for some article to come out. I kow that sometimes you do not have to take some quotes seriously but to be honest I do. I take it seriously because it says something about life or maybe it suit with a chapter in your life. And some quotes come from the greatest people from history of life. They give you stuff to think about. It maybe keeps you also awake at night. I have to learn to write down phrases, quotes and senteces so i will not forget them for my articles. Maybe you are lying in bed or you are outside or where ever and you have some inspiration in your head. You have to write it down otherwise you will forget it. So now i make especially photos so i can find my inspiration back in what i had seen or wrote earlier. Yes if you are a photographer you use also pictures in other ways.

This quote gives four words that supposed to be important for your life otherwise you have nothing in life! And these are the words:” Love, Honesty, Truth and Respect”. I have got the feeling that there is missing a word in this quote. To be honest , I think there are missing a lot words. Your life is much more then only these four words. Maybe they are the main reason to live for. But there are people who don’t have respect for anybody and still are living a good life. Maybe a decent human being who keeps these words in life, have more difficulty to live a peaceful life. He or she gets hurt more easily. I agree that respect and honesty are very important words that everybody should have. But we all know that there are people who don’t give a thing about these words. They live their lifes peacefully whitout these words. And maybe they don’t even care or don’t even know what it means. People who care about these words for me are survivors. They care about life!

For me a big word that is missing here is accept! We are still living in a world where people don’t accept other people. And that is to be honest a bloody shame. Accept people who they are, what they do, where the live and in what the believe in. People make choices in life that maybe you wouldn’t do because you don t have the balls for it. Give that person a chance to do where he believes in. Who are you to judge? Can you get in someones head to see what they are thinking about? Nope i don t think so! Give people the space to be who they want to be. People need to have the freedom to be who the want to be.. So freedom is word number six that you can write down in the quote.

“You have no idea what people are dealing with in their personal life. So just be nice, it’s that simple.”

This quote i found today and it suits with the other quote. I have put it direclty on my time line because this one is an important one for me. I will give an example. I went to pick up my son from school last week. There was a mother who started talking to me. She had recognised me from the past when I was pregnant from my first child. I had diabetes during my pregnancy and in the hospital we have been chatting with this mother. And then she said:” I lost my child at 40 weeks of pregnancy.” That was the biggest slap in my face ever. I have so much respect for this mother. What a surviver and a fighter!

She had two kids now. But still! So people listen to you heart and soul and have respect and be nice to people. You cannot look in their heads , or in their lives.

Offcourse these two quotes are absolutely true but they are not complete and i think it’s difficult to complete them because there are so many words missing. The biggest words are maybe to accept, to have respect and just be nice! Because you think that everybody is so honest? Off course not! Everbody is trying to survive or trying to live their lifes in the best way they can. The honest people are always paying for their honesty. And there are always people who are more lucky in life then other people. I think having dignity and integrity are more important then being lucky. Don’t ever loose your dignity and integrity!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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