Wisdom,patience, faith and laughter.

The richest wealth is wisdom. The strongest weapon is patience. The best security is faith. And the most effective tonic is laughter.”

This quote I found yesterday evening and it triggered me a lot. Not everybody is lucky to have these four words in their lives. People have different characters and they’re born with their own character. We are saying that we are all equal. Yes maybe in the big line but we are a world with different kind of characters. Or some characters maybe can be similar to others. Wisdom is a big word and I think that everybody has a kind of wisdom inside them. You have different kinds of level in wisdom. And maybe not everybody is patience. But they have another type of strong weapon inside them. I totally agree with the most effective tonic is laughter.

To be patience is absolutely a great weapon. But I think patience can also work against you. It’s nice to be patience but in what way? Let’s say in which situation it’s good to be patience? For example you are in a pub and there is someone who is provoking you. And that moment if you remain calm and patience you have already won. But for example when you have a goal and you have the patience to wait until you achieved your goal. That can’t be negative but I read the other day a phrase that said that it doesn’t matter how long it takes to achieve your goal. And it doesn’t matter how slow you go but more important is that you are keep on going. So if you have the patience to keep on going that is strength. How many times I heard people say:”oh he’s so slow, he has a lot of patience and when it’s going to finish? For example kids at school they have different kinds of levels. A kid can be slower than another but he doesn’t get the chance to finish his school work on his terms. Is the world so much impatience? Why do I have to run all the time? Because I think wisdom and patience are very close to each other. Some people need time to reveal their wisdom. “Yes but they are so slow.” So what! If you are stimulating those people who are maybe slower than the others you can create their best security and that is faith. Creating their faith in themselves. And you will see that they have wisdom inside them who will come out if you have the patience! I think that there are kids who are suffering at school because of the patience and faith. If you create a more secure environment for the kids where they can feel your patience and your faith and your wisdom, they will grow their own wisdom, faith and patience’s! And you know what? It is the same in many other sectors in the world. Working in a big company ain’t easy because there are many levels. When you’re starting in the last level and you want to achieve to be in the first level. You need to have a lot of patience, a lot of wisdom and faith in yourself. Because up there in the first level there are people who are using people of the last level for their wisdom! I have been working in an office with lawyers. And in that office you could see the levels between the lawyers, the secretaries and the receptionist. They already had their opinions ready about you. The receptionists are the lowest level let’s say. Those highest levels don’t think you are a wise person because you’re only picking up the telephone are you? Well if there were not the receptionist. Who do you think will pick up your phone call if you’re working? It was a wise lesson to work there. My father was working there and that made me proud. I was very proud of him and off course I still am. He was a hard-working person with a lot of wisdom, patience and faith. And most of all he was the only one who had respect for the different kinds of levels in that office. There are many people who can learn from that!

I think wisdom is not only intelligence but wisdom is so much more! I think you learn what wisdom is during your journey of life and create more wisdom, receive more wisdom and take more wisdom. I think you have to learn to have patience. Have faith in yourself? Yes it’s difficult but I think if you are stimulating yourself to achieve your goal you will get that faith. But also with the right person beside you who will guide you through life they can give you a lot of faith in yourself. It’s already starting when you were young. When your parents show you that they have faith in you. And also of course all the members of the family who show you that they have faith in you. At school the teachers if they show you that they have faith in you. Children are fragile so if they’re not stimulated enough and not grown up in a stable environment they have to create the wisdom, the patience and have faith themselves. And you know what? For them effective tonic is laughter.

So in the end. This quote is right! I could keep on writing this article but it stops here. Think about these words today. Maybe you can change the situation for a person so he can use his wisdom, his patience and having faith in himself and have a big laughter!

Just think about it and write to you soon.

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