Just turn the page!

“Don’t close the book when bad things happen in your life. Just turn the page and begin a new chapter.”

I was searching for a good quote these days and I found this one. They are absolutely right to turn the page and begin a new chapter but it is so easy to say! Today it has been 15 years that my mother is not anymore in my life. That hurts! She died 15 years ago. For me it feels like it’s happened yesterday. So don’t tell me to just turn the page and begin a new chapter. I know it is a extremely heavy example but it’s a thing that happened in my life and yes off course I wanted at that time to close the book. But I didn’t! I didn’t start a new chapter but I have been continuing with living my life! I think that with this part I never begin a new chapter. It is following me trough my book. Because it never leaves my mind and soul. It has a place in my heart. But it is a part of my book and it will be until I finish writing my book.

Sometimes something happens in life that you really can turn the page and begin a new chapter but sometimes I think you will take it with you in your book.
When you just can turn the page is a good thing. But you are also human and you cannot every time just turn the page! It is part of your life and eventually it will be a chapter in the past. And maybe it will take more chapters to accept that you can close that page. It comes back as flashbacks.

I can imagine that you want to close the book if something terrible happens. And I can imagine that you need time and prefer to start a whole new book! Believe me I have been there. And you know what? There are many people who will not understand why! Because they have never been there where you are at that moment. With the strength of yourself, love and help from family and close friends you can proceed with your book! Your story! You will survive in that dark place where you are in. Off course there are also little things happening in your life that are bad. But what is bad? I think that you are the judge of that! Because it happened to you! It hurts maybe your feelings. You have to resolve the bad things. And with advice and help from friends and family you can start a new chapter. Maybe you even can do it by yourself. It will get you stronger and eventually you can learn from it.

So don’t close the book! Maybe sometimes you think that you don’t have a choice and you will close the book. Sometimes you even can’t turn the page and begin a new chapter but you have to write the end of your book. Because that bad thing that is happening to you, will not go away and is only getting worse! Think about people who are sick! Can they turn the page? No! And they try anyway? Yes because they are survivors. But in the end they’re writing the end of their book.

So think about it if you have the chance to turn the page! I know it is easy to say but just do it! Because you can! Don’t close the book but just start a new chapter. There are many people who would like to be in your place!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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