Whether you sniff it smoke it eat it or shove it up your ass the result is the same: addiction.
william s. burroughs

There are all kinds of addicts, I guess. We all have pain. And we all look for ways to make the pain go away.
Sherman Alexie,

This is a sensitive subject but also an important subject. These days I’m thinking about stuff that is happened around me. Asking myself questions what is life all about. Watching the news. Watching people outside during my workout. Watching other parents when I’m picking up my sons from school. Listen to my husband when he comes home from work what he has to say about his work. If you have a lot of time for reflection you can put this information in little boxes in your head but if you don’t have time to reflect it gets a little bit of a mess and you put everything that comes in at the same place. Ad a certain point this place with all this information wants to explode. Because it’s too much information. If you cannot free your mind you cannot think clearly and I think you make the wrong decisions if you have to take one. To free my mind I listen to music, work on my website, taking pictures or my new passion is running. It begins a little bit to look like an addiction. That’s when I have a rest day I get a little bit nervous. I miss my workout during the day and in the morning. My other passion is photography and it has the same as running. When I’m not working on my photography, I get nervous. Can you call that an addiction? To be honest I don’t know because an addiction you think about drugs,alcohol, gambling. I think you have different kinds of addictions. And maybe your passion seems like an addiction but it’s only something that you really want to do and maybe you’re not obsessed about it. It can turn out in an obsession. For example if you have a game on your telephone. You feel that you have to play that game on your phone otherwise you get nervous. And if you lose that game on your phone then you’re upset, mad and shout some words. These words you can better keep in your head. I think that’s an addiction. And to be honest I think you’re out of your bloody mind if you’re upset about your game on your phone. There is more in life than a stupid game on your phone! And I think it’s a little bit the same like alcohol, like drugs and like gambling it’s a stupid addiction but people have it anyway. Some people get strong and they get help and they resolve their addiction but some people are really addicted and can’t stop. They cannot help themselves they’re not strong enough to survive that addiction. That’s a little bit sad you know. So the first quote is true. The second quote got me thinking a lot. I don’t know if everything has to do with Pain but I think that we are all looking for this sensation that you have inside you that disturbs you. You want it to go away. And you search for something that makes its go away. It can be everything but the worst thing is to use drugs or alcohol or gambling to lose that sensation. There are so many other ways to change that sensation in a beautiful feeling. But who am I to judge. I cannot look inside someone’s head who has an addiction. Sometimes maybe an addiction can have also a positive side I think. If you have a kind of addiction like photography then you really want to work for it so it makes you stronger.
And it’s True that there are all kinds of addicts. And we all have pain. And we all look for a way to make the pain go away. But that pain is dangerous because if you find something that can relieve you from the pain and finally brings you to an addiction. Then that kind of pain will always return. And you always need something to relieve you from your pain.

Addiction is wrong and it depends on what kind of addiction of course. Addiction is a big word! Maybe addiction helps you to relieve the pain but not forever. Smoking for example is an addiction. I have smoked cigarettes for many years but one day I was walking up the stairs and I felt my lungs coming out of my chest. And that was the point that I thought:”oh no I quit”. And I have never smoked again a cigarette in my life. You have to be strong if you want to stop with your addiction. You have to be terminated. You have to have faith in yourself. But most of all you have to have the guts to say:” I will never do that again.” But you have to have the balls to let go of that stupid addiction.I know it’s easy talking. And I think to stop with an addiction it’s not easy to do by yourself, you need help. You need people who are willing to help you and who are willing to listen to you when you are in difficulties. Who stand beside you no matter what. Who give you a boost of energy and feeling of survival to fight against that addiction. You can do it also by yourself but I think sometimes you need a hand on your shoulder, a big hug, a listening ear and kind but strong words. Someone who will guide you and stand by you because together you will feel much stronger. But some people don’t get that possibility and that’s a shame. Because there are many people I think who want to quit but they can’t because they don’t have the energy or the help they need. And don’t make them ridiculous if they have a moment of weakness. When I had a moment of weakness my husband said:”oh no no no no think about the children that you want to have in the future, they need a healthy mother!” Fortunately I didn’t have many moments of weakness.

So think about it if someone asks you for help to stop his addiction, be there for him or her. And don’t make fun of them it’s not easy for them.

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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