Never to old.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”

I think this is a beautiful quote for this morning. Mondays are always difficult and if you are starting on a Tuesday it’s already different than yesterday. I like this quote a lot and I think it’s the right quote. It’s always good to have a new goal in life and dream beautiful dreams or new dreams. The age doesn’t matter because you will learn still until you die. Why can’t someone from 60 years old have a new goal or a new dream? I think it’s beautiful when you see that someone has a new goal in his life that he wants to achieve even if he is 60 or 50 whatever years old. Maybe someone didn’t have to chance when he was younger to have many goals or achieve those goals or make his dream become a goal. There are people in this world who have no possibilities to have a goal or a dream when they’re young. Maybe they have goals and dreams but they don’t have the chance to accomplish them. So why would we stand in their ways if they were older? Why shouldn’t they have a chance to grow again? Of course it’s now the time for younger people just to show themselves to the world but everybody needs to have a chance to achieve their goals or to have new dreams! And nobody but really nobody can stop them! You’re never too old to learn you know. I am still learning and creating new goals and have new dreams that I would like to change in to a goal. It’s important to have dreams and to be honest I like having dreams because they stimulate me to achieve my goals. People start to work maybe at a young age to have food on the table and they couldn’t follow their goal or their new dreams because of that. So now that they are stable they have an income and maybe the kids are grown enough to stand on their both two feet. This father or mother has the chance to make a new goal and have a new dream in their lives. And to be honest I think it’s really stimulating for the kids to see that their parents are trying to achieve a new goal and have their new dreams. Why wouldn’t you fight for it if you can? Why wouldn’t you show your kids that you’re never too old to learn? I have two very young kids but I’m already teaching them that you are never too old to learn. That their father and mother still have goals in their life’s and new dreams. That they are working hard to achieve those goals. Don’t stand still but keep on moving. It doesn’t matter how slow you go but that you’re going. You always need to give people a second chance if you’re talking about goals, achievement and dreams. You never know what they’ve been through in the past. You cannot judge someone only from the outside. You have to see also they’re inside. People are judging too much from the outside in this world. It is so interesting to see what’s inside a person. How did he grow up? What did he do? And specially what is on his mind? I know that the world is changing. When was I growing up it was so different then nowadays. I don’t know if it’s better to grow up in my time when I was born or now. Especially now with the virus who is making his journey in the whole wild world. People are getting more poor and rich people are getting more rich every day. And I think now is really the time to put your goals and your new dreams to the test. Now is the time to learn and to study and to grow. Because who knows what the future will bring us. Stimulate yourself, your husband,wife,companion, kids, family and friends to keep on going. Fight for your new goals no matter what age. Dream your new dreams and turn them into goals. Is never ever too late to fight for your life! I know it’s easy talking but if you don’t try, you will never know how it could be! And for sure there are one of those days that you would like to give up sit down and forget about your goals and your dreams. But remember inside you there is a fighter who will never give it up! Don’t forget to look also if it is worth fighting for! Because save your energy for later when you need it really the most. So think about it! You are never to old to learn, to have goals, to have dreams, to be loved by someone and to be happy! Love yourself and give yourself the chance to dream because you are worth it!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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