Do you think that you are cool?

“No matter how educated, talented rich or cool you believe you are, how you treat people ultimately tells all!”

This morning I wanted to have another quote to write an article about but I saw this one this morning and I felt I needed to write an article about this one.

The first word that came into my head was, Arrogancy! I think you can be an educated and talented rich and cool at the same time but it’s so true about how you are treating other people! But it’s tricky because you think if you treat someone bad. People will say :” This person is not educated at all!” That’s the problem Of this quote. Because I don’t think at all that you are educated if you treat someone badly. But maybe you can be educated but you change for a moment! For example. My parents have given me an education. So I am educated, but when I treat a person the wrong way. I don’t think I’m educated at all! So it is true, you can be educated but it depends on your behaving. And I truly think that it has to do with arrogance. Specially these days when younger people are successful they have a kind of arrogant towards other people who maybe are less important or have less money or less education if you are thinking about school. And to be honest I think this kind of arrogance will grow more in this world. Because people have fear about how this is going to end with the virus and with the economic problems. Because people who have money are getting more rich than people who are less fortunate. We can choose to go to the big supermarket. To go and buy everything that they have. So when you’re home you have to complete groceries for a week. But I prefer to go to the smaller shops who need our support in these days. I always ask my husband to go to the grocery shop to buy vegetables and fruit. They deserve to have clients who trust them and have confidence in them and they have to survive this economic crisis. You need to support those people who are working hard to have food at the table. Normally these hard-working people are more educated talented but poor. What is cool these days? It’s good to believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself and of course you can show that you are happy and well rich. No!!Why do you have to show off? So when you’re rich you think you’re cool and you have to show off? To be honest I don’t like people who want to show off and show the whole world that they have money and everything. I like a person who is educated talented and cool in his own way with or without money. And a person doesn’t need to show off what he’s got! Act normal, act human! Be human!

So in a kind of way this quote is important and I think there’s a lot of people who need to read this quote. Because you can absolutely learn from it. Yes you can be a big shot but if you treat other people the wrong way you’re simply an asshole!

Treat people with respect it doesn’t matter how rich, poor, educated, intelligent, cool or beautiful you are, you need to treat people with respect in all time! When you feel that you are better than someone else that’s fine by me but don’t think that you have the right to treat people without respect! But if you do it anyway, some day you will regret it for the rest of your life that you didn’t had any respect for people!

Just think about it and write to you soon.

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