Is life the most difficult exam?

“Life is the most difficult exam. Many people feel because they try to copy others, not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.”

This quote I found a couple of days ago on Internet and it kept me thinking a lot because do you have to take this one very seriously or not.and when you do why should you? Do you really can compare your life with an exam? This one gets me a little bit angry and I will explain why. When your life is an exam then you will pass it or you won’t. And if you pass, they give you a diploma? And what makes me angry the most is that they write down many people fail. Who are you to judge someone’s life or someone’s exam? Who do you think you are? Many people fail? And what? In your exam! In your eyes! In your mind! Are you already written down in other articles that people have a lot of possibilities and some people haven’t got possibilities! That’s the difference! What is the exam of life? What is it all about? And when you feel you are going to hell? With one thing I agree and that is that people are copying other people because they think it will help them succeed! And in my opinion that’s not failing. They called it, “trying to survive”. In this world there are people who are more fortunate than other people. The one thing is positive about this quote is that they see that everybody has his own questionnaire. And that’s absolutely true. But don’t see life like an exam see it more like a journey. I wrote that you’re taking to get experienced in life. And you can take many roads. And some roads are very dangerous, some are very fast, some are very interesting, some are special! And so on! It’s possible that maybe you walk the wrong road but in the end you will survive and cross the street to take a side road. And it doesn’t mean that you are failing. No, you are trying to survive!

Nowadays you see people who are maybe copying other people to get famous or to get rich or to get a better life who knows. And sometimes you need to stimulate those people because they want to work hard to survive. And sometimes you have to stop them because they’re ruining theirselves. And if you want to call your life and exam maybe you will work together with your loved one to finish that exam. I don’t see my life as an exam maybe sometimes like a test a little test. And sometimes you even get put to a test. Even if you don’t want to be tested, you will be tested. For example if you lose a parent at a young age. How can you survive without a parent? I think that is one of the most difficult tests or example that exists. I think about it there are people who lose both their parents at a young age. Don’t you think that is a really big exam or a big test? Would you survive that one? So please don’t say that many people feel their exam of life! We are human! We are not robots. We have feelings emotions and so on.

I would like to change this quote. Life is the most difficult exam would be, life is the most difficult journey! Many people are trying to survive and don’t realise that there are people in this world who can help you!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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