Be kind!

“If you have the chance to make someone happy, just do it. Sometimes people are struggling silently. Maybe your act of kindness can make their day.”

You cannot look inside someone’s life! Or in side the head. Who knows what they’re going trough. There are people that show you that they are struggling in life. But there are also people who don’t show you that they are struggling . Maybe they are embarrassed. To be honest when I am struggling with something. I always struggle in silence. Nobody needs to know everything about me. I think that, that has to do with education. Why should you show it to people? It depends also what it is. With what you’re struggling? There are things that are to private. For example if you are struggling with money. You don’t have enough money every month for living! You don’t need to show it to people and I think most of those people don’t! But struggling with something, can be anything. Struggling with your health. Struggling with life generally. Struggling with work! And so on. I think that it’s ok if you need to struggle a bit because it makes you more of a fighter. Depending on what kind of struggle it is. People who are struggling need sometimes help. “Maybe your act of kindness can make their day.” That is absolutely true. I wish I could be there more for people who need an act of kindness. There are people who are maybe struggling their whole lives and nobody knows that. And they keep silent about it. People who are your closest friends or closest family know when you are struggling. And if they are educated, they don’t tell that to other people. Because knowing that somebody knows that you’re struggling is embarrassing. Depending on what but most of the time nobody needs to know. I think that people around you know anyway when you are struggling but they don’t care about it or you. They like to talk about you and your struggling behind your back. Instead of helping you!
Yes welcome to the world! Life sometimes ain’t easy and fair. Generations change. Culture changes. There are kind people in this world who still care about other people struggling. But they are hard to find. Real friends! I think that if we sometimes are more kind to people and don’t act like sheep’s, we can make a difference. And maybe a person who is struggling has the balls to ask for help. Or people are more kind to others. Accept that people are different. Make some people’s day a better day!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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