Are you waiting for a man?

One of the worst mistakes a woman can make is wasting years of her life, waiting for a man to change or grow up”.

When I read this quote, I was laughing so hard! This is a quote who does and doesn’t make sense. First of all. You cannot change a man! A man is a man and he is what he is. And change a person is not the right thing to do! If you want to change? Yes you can change. But if you want to change someone for you, because you only want to! That is wrong. Waiting for a man to grow up? What is growing up? When a man is a little bit of naughty, that’s completely normal in my point of view. A man needs to feel free to be himself with a woman! If he can’t be himself then sorry ladies he is not the one for you. And that is the same for women. If a woman doesn’t feel free who she wants to be, then that man is not going to make her happy. And why would you stay with someone when he doesn’t make you happy? It’s true that some man need to grow up. But it is not your task to do that. And some man need to change. But a man will only do that when he loves you! The worst mistake? It’s a little bit heavy to say! There are more things who are more important in life. And to be honest, if you’re waiting already years! I’am sorry dear but who is the one who is afraid to change? If you love each other and every thing feels alright then you don’t have to change or to grow up for each other. He makes you grow and you make him growing! You lift each other up. When that feeling isn’t there, then you know it’s a waist of time. Don’t stay with someone because you are afraid to be alone. You can only grow more if you maybe stay single for a while. And you know that first you need to love yourself before you can love someone else. And everyone has a past with other relationships or marriages. So accept that a divorce or ending a relationship can change people. Maybe they are more insecure. Men don’t like women with a big mouth. They don’t need to be soft either but caring, strong. Stand up for her self. But maybe in every culture it is different. Who knows! But in the end I think that you feel when a marriage or a relationship is right and feels right. Sometimes when it doesn’t feels right it’s difficult to step out. But then you don’t have to be afraid that you are standing on your or one. The positive thing is that you can only grow from it. Especially when you have your true friends and family besides you! Staying in a relationship that is killing you is not ok! So get out of there and live your life. I know it’s easy to say but in the end you will look back. And you will be proud of yourself for making that decision that you did. Love yourself because you’re important!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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