Why do we have to urge to criticise people?

Today I have no quote. Every time you can have a quote to write about but sometimes you can also get inspired by things that are happening to you. You can get inspired by many things, like listening to music, read a book, the things that are happening in your life or during the day. What is happening in the world. To be honest I feel tired these days not getting enough rest. The energy level is low. Sometimes you have those moments in life where your body says stop for a moment and even when your mind doesn’t want to stop because he’s a wake. You need to stop anyway. And then thoughts are going through your mind and you don’t understand why are you so tired. You want to do your exercises. You want to have energy in your body but your body says stop. The strange thing is, is that I get inspired every day. It keeps me thinking and wanting to write articles. You also need to have the time to write it down. I have so many thoughts in mind, that I need to put it in boxes in my memory head otherwise I will forget all about it. That’s a shame. Because maybe the articles that I write could inspire other people to express themselves more. Maybe I need to take a break or maybe not ! The situation that is happening now in the whole wide world is breaking people up. So maybe my articles could help people for not breaking down. And the situation will not change with in a short time. So we need to make the best of it but most of all we need to respect the rules that are made by the government. Otherwise this situation will not change. And off course the money has to keep on running, let’s say walking otherwise the crisis will be a lot worse. We are all human and we all want to help people who are working in shops or have restaurants. Or work that needs to be supported otherwise they will not survive this crisis. But we also need to have respect for the rules. We don’t have respect anymore and for sure one of these days we are going back in lockdown. Fortunately my husband already has had a vaccination. And I’m really happy about that and I have to wait when they have time to give me one. Yes I will have that vaccination!

We also have some rainy days these days so that doesn’t even help to have more energy. The only thing positive about rain is that it keeps you from going out so the chances are less that you will get that virus. But the negative side is that I miss my running! I’m doing workouts at home but it doesn’t feel the same as running. When the Sun is shining this virus will keep on going and doing what he is best off. That is making people sick. The positive thing about the Sun is that you will have energy and you will start living again. So we have positive and negative sides on both accounts. We are all human like I said before but sometimes it’s so difficult to criticise. Criticise people, criticise things, criticise the world, criticise the weather but especially criticise this virus who is turning the world upside down in any way he can! May you criticise? Normally criticising people is the wrong thing to do but it depends how you criticise a person. You have to turn it into a positive feedback.

Yesterday I was thinking about children who are already harsh to other children. And that is not going to change even when you’re a grown-up. People are still harsh to other people. You’re in, or you’re out. And when you look a little bit different. People already have their opinions clear about you. People are too fat, are too skinny, people have another colour, people are gay or lesbians, people are too shy! I hate it when people already made up their minds about you even without talking to you! Because they heard an opinion from other people or they only look at you the way you are from the outside.

People can be nice even if they are gay, fat, skinny, coloured, tattooed and so on! How many times you hear people say :” oh my gosh he has tattoos, so he must be a criminal!” “Oh dear she’s fat, she must have an eating disorder!” “She has very short hair she must be gay!”

Who do you think you are to judge people only by their looks! It is still happening you know. Racism, discrimination is still there and it doesn’t go away until we all do something about it!

Well now when I am reading my article to see if there are any grammatical errors. I found out that there is a little theme about this exploding opinion of mine! Don’t criticise! To criticises is the topic of this article.

Why do you think that people are still inspired by writing down quotes? What do think about to inspire people? To think about life? Quotes are invented by many people for many years. And they are changing during the years but you can still be inspired by quotes from many years ago. And they still fit in these time of years!

Well I think I need to finish this really exploding article today. There are still many inspiring quotes and articles in my head but eventually I will write them down. I hope that I am inspiring other people with my articles and with the quotes. And maybe you will have a quote for today and you will get inspired to follow your dreams. Think twice before you want to criticise a person because he looks different than you!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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