Surrender your ego!

“You can be anything you want to be
Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be
Be free with your tempo be free be free
Surrender your ego be free be free to yourself.”

Queen: Innuendo

Last Sunday afternoon my husband and kids were listening to music. My kids like their moments with listening to music. The atmosphere in the house changes in the relaxing mood. During listening to the music the song of queen inspired me. Queen is one of my favourite music artists.Then I heard the text that is written above here. This was very inspiring because the latest quotes and articles are very similar. Freddy Mercury is absolutely right here. You can be anything you want to be when you think that you can be. And you have to let go of your ego or much better to give into your ego!

You have to believe in yourself. Freddy Mercury believed in himself and the beauty of him was, that he wasn’t afraid to show himself in a different way when He was on stage. I have seen interviews of him that he explained that he was different when he got of the stage. He was more shy and to himself when he wasn’t singing on stage. I think he was a beautiful person!

I think that everybody can be a beautiful person. Inside people there is always a kind and an evil person. And you never know what can come out. Everyone looks up to someone! And some look even up to themselves. People whit a lot of ego, some less and some people without an ego. I think that you need to have little bit of ego. It’s a kind of pride that you can have of your self. It makes you stronger. And maybe it motivates you even more to fight for who you want to be. The key is that you have to think that you can be who you are and who you want to be! Feel free to express yourself!

Don’t be afraid what people think! Have faith in yourself then you can accomplish many things in life! Listen to the song and read the song text and you will get inspired. Just think about it and write to you soon!


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