Do you cross the street?

“Some people in your family will come miles to bury you, but won’t even cross the street to come support you when you are alive”.

This is a very interesting quote and I wanted already to change it because this one counts also for friends. Because you have also friends who comes from miles to bury you but they won’t even cross the street to support you when you’re alive.

Sometimes from friends you can expect that but from family not. It’s a strong because it’s a it can hurt you. The idea that someone of your family really comes from miles to go to your funeral but when he sees you in the street he doesn’t even come to you. That must be heartbroken if you know that someone in your family hates you that much. And really want to see that you’re dead with your own eyes.Emily you see those scenes you know in a movie but not in real life. But it happens also in real life but you’re not hoping for it but it’s true and maybe there is really someone also in your family who thinks about you did you are the worst case of scenario. Specially when you have a big family. But it also happens in the friend zone.maybe you have a group of friends and one of those friends you cannot get along that well but you’re in the same group of friends. And the person maybe will never cross the street for you to help you. This quote is really confronting. It keeps you thinking about is there someone in my life who is the same as this quote? That hurts! And even though if you don’t know that person could be in the end when you find out who that person is you didn’t expect him probably to be that person. But in the end you have to be a strong person and forget about that. There can be so many beautiful and trusting people in your life, like family and friends that you can miss that person who wouldn’t even cross the street to see you in your life.

But the question is would you cross that street for that person? If you know that he or she would not cross the street for you. Would you cross the street for them? I think this one is to do with character and pride! To be honest I don’t know what I should do. Depends on the situation and who that person is and what he has done! I think in the end it all people can have their second chance. All people deserve to have no matter what they have done a chance to get help. But there are many people who don’t think that way and I can understand it but when somebody has really broken your trust that much it’s not easy to forget. Sometimes it’s also difficult to forgive. And there is the only way to go on with your life knowing that he will drive drive miles to come to the funeral but he will never cross the street to help you!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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