The foundation of trust.

“Lies, no matter how big or small, always crack or break the foundation of trust.”

This quote is absolutely true.I I can write you a big article but I think that everybody or almost everyone is agree. I think there are some persons were really easily forgiven. But when it’s broken, it is really broken. To be honest, I’m a person who doesn’t trust easily people and if it’s broken I give you another chance but when you break it again then it is really broken. And I think the first time you already broke my trust so it is not easy for me to trust you again. There are people who have more faith in other people and give them more chances than they deserve.but everybody deserves a second chance that’s true. But when a trust is broken it’s difficult to heal. It is difficult to trust a person again. And it’s just a difference when a person couldn’t help himself to break your trust the trust or did he did it on purpose. When you did it on purpose for me you don’t get even a second chance. If you have a good reason as you have broken my trust then I can give you a second chance but if you break it again I don’t give you any chance anymore. But how can you trust someone? What does it mean to trust in something or in someone?Where is the limit? Where do you stop the line? Trusting somebody is a big word. And for everybody to work trust has different kind of significants. I think there are also people who don’t care about trusting people there is more important things to do in life. For example do need to survive or do you need people around them to complete their goal in their life. I think from that kind of people you can learn a lot. They always say keep your friend close but your enemies closer! An enemy is someone that you can’t trust what can you trust you’re more than your own friend? I truly don’t know. But everybody is dealing with hurt and trust and broken trust in their ways.And I think you cannot decide for someone to deal differently with your trust or hurt or broken trust? There are people literally hurting that much when their trust is broken that they don’t even give a second chance to a person.and made me that the person did not want to break the trust that he had. What am I trying to say is that some people don’t break their trust on purpose. And they are paying for their consequences!

Even if they didn’t deserve it because they didn’t want to break your trust on purpose. I think it depends also on the character of the person.there are people there may be more forgiving than other people because they already have been hurt so much or so many times in their lives. And some people have already trust issues so when it’s broken the first time the second time you’re already out. I think you need to look at the situation when your heart is broken or your trust is broken because maybe there’s a reason for it. And when it means that you are losing that person sometimes is it even better to lose that person. People are coming in and going in and out in your life. There is always a wise lesson if somebody has broken your trust. But I do agree when it’s broken it is really broken and if you want to trust a person again because you don’t want to lose them. Work for it! Give the person another chance because you’re never know what was going on in their heads when they broke your trust. And when the trust is broken, try to learn from it! There’s always a wise lesson in everything!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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