Is it so difficult to stand in someone else’s shoes?

This morning I have lazy morning. Drinking my tea and reading some articles on the internet. Searching for some photos that I made some time ago. I miss that time where I could go out and make some beautiful pictures of everything. But especially from the sunsets. I miss the freedom of taking pictures any where. Now we are more blocked because of the covid situation. And I have a family to think about. They come first! They are standing first in line. So I feel a little bit blocked.
When I was thinking about all of this and searching for new photos I received a message from a person who I met on Instagram. We chat sometimes about photography and especially about what is happening in world and in life. Sometimes it helps when you talk to a stranger. You free your soul and it opens your mind. It can inspire you. When we were chatting I came to realise that there are people all over the world who have their own life’s, their own problems, their own struggles, their own mind and soul. He said the most beautiful thing this morning. He needs an operation for his back because he had a terrible accident a couple of years ago! He could be Paralysed if they don’t do the surgery. But now with the covid situation they have restrictions. They don’t know when they will operate! And then he said:”I don’t know till I see the specialist, but they are even delaying cancer operations over here and I would give my place up for someone to have a cancer operation any day . “

I was so surprised by this and he is absolutely right. What is happening in the world these days is for so many people so difficult to imagine. We all have problems and you can be fucked up about it. But try to putt your shoes in someone else’s shoes. That’s difficult is it? You don’t want to be in their shoes because it hurts does it? Or you simply don’t care!

Well I’ve got news for you. If you are in trouble. They would try to stand in your shoes to try to help you even when their shoes hurt much more then yours! And they search and have the strength and the courage to help you! Even when it is destroying themselves. In the end you are going further with your life and you don’t even know what damages you have done for them. And this is why life ain’t that fair. You can have all the money in the whole world. But you cannot buy love or respect with that money. Yes you could help a lot of people with that money. But so many people don’t even have the balls for it. Poor people help poor people. Sick people help sick people.
I am not rich at all but I feel rich thanks to my lovely husband and two beautiful sons! And I would fight for someone who is in trouble or who is struggling. That calls respect and dignity. I know that you cannot safe the world but you can at least try. Every little step is helping someone or something. At least be there for somebody. Don’t be afraid to stand in someone’s else’s shoes for a while! Maybe you can fix them or help them to find better shoes. Sometimes you cannot fix everything you want or you like but if you try you will see what you can do! And sometimes trying is more important then really fixing it. People sometimes more appreciate that fact that you’re trying to help them then really fix it. Because maybe they can learn from you to do it the next time by themselves. For example. These doctors and nurses who are working so hard for people who come in the hospitals everyday to cure from this terrible covid! They are trying to safe their life’s. It’s dangerous for the doctors and nurses too. And yes some doctors and nurses have died thanks to this terrible covid when they were trying to cure us! So try to stand in their shoes!

People who are picking up YOUR garbage! Yes YOUR!!! They are working for the people and to have food on the table. Try to stand in their shoes!

People who are working for you! For your safety and life! Try to stand in their shoes!

Maybe we all need to appreciate more what we have in life and fight more for the people who need more in life! With this last phrase I will stop with this exploding article. Just think about it and write to you soon!


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