Where is the trust?

I don’t know where i am going with this article but today it was a strange day and I cannot focus on a quote. There are so many quotes ready for an article but i think my head is full of pieces of today that i need to put them in their boxes. And think about that tomorrow will be another day. This morning we had a lovely walk. We stopted at the beach for a little break. When we decided to go on with our walk we looked behind us and there were to many people. So we decided to go back home. We are code orange so that means that there are rules to follow. The sun was shinning so everybody wants to go out but we can’t because of the covid. But it seems that nobody cares and nobody is afraid. Well to be honest I am and I will follow the rules and I will protect my family where ever I can. Yesterday our neighbours invited us again this time for a lunch because of the birthday of her husband. She said that there would be only one other couple . We said that we would see because there are stricked rules of the covid. Then she asked today at our kids to come over and play with a boy who came with his father. I was against it but the kids were so happy that i agreed with my husband. Then we heard a lot of noise and people coming in and out their door. At that piont I broke! I said to my husband to go get the kids. Later I explained to the kids why their dad picked them up so soon. The kids understood my explanation. But then they said that their were many people in the house. I said that it wasn’t their fault.

Why do i tell this story? I tell this story because later on the news I heard that probably Tuscany will be became code red if numbers of the infections with covid continue to rise. And that will happen when people think that it is normal to give birthday parties and invite friends over. Why do you need to celebrate your birthday party? My kids didn’t had one because of the situation. Next year maybe you can celebrate it again. My parents in law had their 50 wedding anniversary today. What did they do? Nothing! Were they sad? Yes off course but they respect the rules! Why is it so difficult to not think about yourself and have respect for the rules! It makes me angry. I’am not feeling that well these days. So I’am not visiting my parents in law. We can visit someone only one time a day and only two people. Today I saw people without their mask and i don ‘t understand why!

How can you trust people these days? Where is the trust? My trust in our neighbours is gone. They fooled me twice and i will not let that happen again.

“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair.” I found this quote and i totally agree. Especially these times it is difficult to see who you can trust. Everybody is fighting to survive this situation. The world is changing and people are changing. It is taking to long this virus. But people are working on solutions. Can we be a little bit more patient for a while to fight against this situation? Take the rules seriously and be flexible? I am and I will. Yes off course with ups and downs. But i want to have controle over my life and my family. If you want to play with your life at your birthday party, then go ahead but do not fool me. And don’t play with my life! You can say :”well.. well don’t exaggerate!” But I don ‘t think I do. I am human and afraid. But don’t break my trust because with me it is difficult to repair my trust.

Trust means “a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.”

When we trust someone, we have confidence in them and in their honesty and integrity. We believe that they will do the things they say they will. We recognize their abilities and strengths, and we place our faith in them.

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