Will they fight for you?

Today I have that feeling again that I needed to write but I wanted to have a quote. I have so many quotes written down, waiting there to be used for an article. But I have so many quotes that I can’t choose. And I think the best thing that you can do is when you feel really want to explain what is happening to you, Just start writing. And I think when you have emotions and these emotions have to fit with a quote in that special moment. When you have a moment with a lot of emotions and you are reading a Quote and it doesn’t fit with your emotions. Then you can start writing but it doesn’t come out, the real you. Today again is a day where are things happening. A lot of emotions and it’s difficult to put a quote in these emotions. But then I found one that I think it’s a good one.

“There’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you. Remember that.”

I think that’s absolutely true. There are people who want to have someone and when they do have that person they don’t try to keep them. And there are people who really wants to fight for you to keep you. Could be in relationships, that could be in friendships and that could be in work, everywhere. I think if you really love someone you will fight for them no matter what and you want to keep them in your life. And they say that friendships come and go, that’s absolutely true. In the end if you want to have that friendship you will fight for that person to have in your life. But if you see that, that person doesn’t have to same interests in you then it’s better to leave that friendship for what it is. And it can hurt a lot if you love someone but the person only wanted you and later does not care for you. You have to break it up because otherwise you will hurt yourself too much. I think it’s beautiful if someone is trying to keep you for who you are. It does mean that she or he respects you and except you. Someone who only want you will never except in the end who you are. It’s only convenient to have you. That kind of person will never fight for you. How many times people get hurt because they were only wanted and not worth to fight for. How many times you can see that scene in a movie.

Today is a strange day because I have so many emotions in my head that I can’t liberate my thoughts. And sometimes it helps if you do you have someone to talk to. And then the question is who? Because you always have someone in your group of friendship that who only wants you and will never fight for you. They will never want to hear your struggle or emotions. Or there is someone in your group who will fight for you to be with you. He or she will be there for you when you need to talk, a hug, listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Or you had someone who you completely trusted but he or she isn’t there anymore because she is living with the angels. You miss that person and you would like to talk to her but you can’t because she isn’t there. Then they say:” Talk to her because she can hear you.” It sounds ridiculous but in the end it is. Only if you let them. Otherwise if you want to free your mind for your soul. Free yourself from your thoughts, it is better to search for something that can help you. Like writing a book, writing an article, listening to music, take a long walk or go for some workout and so on. And in the and all your thoughts will be put down in their places. Don’t let you thoughts go with someone who only wanted you. If you , you will pay the prize later! Speaking from experience! You will regret it and never forget it! Think twice before you start talking with someone.

I will leave you now with this exploding article. Have a lovely day today. Just think about it and write to you soon!

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