How can people change in a short time?

People can change in a short time in many different kind Of situations. But why should you change? When you are talking to a person online for example. In the beginning it’s all good. But then you see that the way of talking is changing. To many compliments. Exaggerating with giving you attention. Being jealous when you are not talking with that person. And then blaming you for not being that much online anymore. Playing the innocent and the victim at the same time. Only because you’re not talking to them. Are you an obsession for that person?

The only reason that you are less online because you have a life! You don’t need to be on the internet the whole day. Or you have a family to think about. You’re working during the day!

But these people don’t seem to understand. They don’t even try to understand. In the end they will not understand. I don’t understand why people are changing that simple and easy sometimes. Is it your fault? Absolutely not!

Passion is a positive obsession. Obsession is a negative passion.”

I found this quote during writing this article and I think it is right. You find a lot of quotes where the significance of having an obsession is something positive! I think that having or creating an obsession is really dangerous. It can change people in a wrong way. When you have a passion, it can be an obsession but in the positive way. When a passion has success it may change you but in a positive way.

But when you are in a situation like I described before. Get out of that situation because it gives you negative energy! When people are that obsessed by you! Close that chapter. You are not their toy, possession or whatever. Maybe it is harsh to say but they need to get a life!

So yes the answer to my question is yes! Yes people can change in a short time. How? Because of an obsession! An obsession can change people. Like in the movies. How many movies are made of people who have dangerous obsessions. I could write a whole book about obsession.

Obsession. An image, thought, or influence which continually fills or troubles the mind; a compulsive interest or preoccupation,seemingly beyond one’s will to control.”

These sentence explain what obsession means! I head to read it a couple of times to understand. It is not positive! And will never be.

I will leave you with this article for today. Just think about it and write to you soon!

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