Do you put up a mask by protecting yourself?

Social media you can find it everywhere today. You have different kinds of apps that you can use. You have Instagram. You have tick-tock and so much more. And it’s also possible to change your looks with new apps. Everybody is using those apps where you can change your looks. One day I was really curious about tick-tock because everybody is talking about it. Everybody is using it especially for making videos. So I signed up and I wanted to see what kind of videos there are. Then there was a video of a skinny girl let’s say. And she only made a video by making a dialogue. She said that she didn’t understand why girls and women who are obese, say that they are confident in themselves and like the way who they are. And the question was why those girls and those women are putting videos on tick-tock where they show people that they are losing weight and working out. She didn’t understand when you are feeling so great in your body. Why are you losing weight? If men like women with a little bit more weight why should you lose it? The first thing that came up to me was:”who is judging who now?” Why does it matter to you so much that these women and all these girls are trying to lose weight! Who are you to judge them?

Can you go inside those heads of those lovely girls and women? No! Do you really know what they’re thinking? Do you know what they are feeling? No!
It made me a little bit angry that a girl who is skinny decides for them what they must feel or what they must do! So if a overweight girl or woman feels confident with her weight and body. She isn’t aloud to do sports? What is it to you? Let people be who they want to be! Let people do what they want to do! People are continuing with judging people and that is I think a big problem.

I have been starting a new Instagram and it’s called Energy Mary because I wanted to change my lifestyle. I choose to do the workout. I choose to work with the weight watchers. I have some really special women who are my followers and they are overweight. And they are working so hard and they are so proud. They are making stories and you can see that they are confidence about themselves. Confidence? Who says that they are confident? They have balls! Having balls doesn’t mean having confidence in yourself! To be honest these women make me proud. Because we are living in a world where you have to be perfect. But what does perfect mean? Skinny? Good looking? I think that everybody is beautiful when you can see their characters in their eyes! If someone has more weight or tattoos and so on. Doesn’t mean that it isn’t a beautiful person! And here comes the question again. What does beautiful means?

I already made and article about trying to stand in someone else’s shoes. Now I better write: “Don’t put yourself in other shoes if you don’t know how to!” Or even better: “ Not everything that you see doesn’t concern you!”
I have respect for people who have the balls to show the world that they are fighting for themselves! I cannot look inside their heads. Judging people only by what you see is totally wrong. Some people put up their masks to protect themselves. Do you protect your self by putting up a mask? And I completely understand why people put on masks!

Talking about masks! Almost everyone these days when they go outside wear masks because of covid. I can assure you that there are people really more confidend with having this mask on their face. Maybe they had already balls because of another situation. But today they do have more confidence because they have a mask on their face. With a mask on your face it’s difficult to recognise the emotions of people. There are so many people who are suffering that you don’t even know of because they put every day up their masks. I am not talking about the mask of the Covid! Masks of themselves. And mask can protect you sometimes but it can also hurt you. There are people who are so happy when they can take off their masks when they are home. Why do you have to pretend to be someone else? Because this world sometimes blocks you from being yourself. You can only imagine sometimes what other people are going through but really understand no! Then you have to be a person who is willing to try to stand in someone else’s shoes! And I can assure you that there are not so many people who have the balls to stand in someone else’s shoes.

This girl who was judging girls who are trying to lose weight. I think she was trying to understand why the girls with overweight are starting a project for themselves for losing weight. Trying to understand is a big difference with trying to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. It’s not trying to understand. No, you completely want to feel the insecurity of other people. When those girls are looking at her video it can make them more insecure. Or I hope, but really hope that these girls see her video and put their middle finger up! And they say:”I can do this! I am beautiful and I am a fighter no matter what other people say!”

Of course there are people who are making fools of themselves but maybe they do that only because they need attention so let them be! Don’t judge them because of their foolishness. And of course there are also people who do things that are inappropriate. And in the end those videos will not be followed.There are so many things to judge but do we really need to judge or is it only to provoke people? Do we need to provoke people? I think this girl in the video wanted to provoke those hard working girls. And she succeeded because I am writing about her video!

Just think about it and write to you soon!


    1. It’s a shame that nobody cares anymore about this exploding virus and the danger of it. I think that there are people who have fake masks because they don’t care if they are hurting someone. But there are more people with masks protecting themselves from those idiots!


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