Can someone holds you back from doing what you like?

Today during my workout in the park there were other people working out, walking the dog and just walking. I thought about this situation and thought that you could make a movie of it. All people have their own story. All these stories come together in one place and it becomes one story. Then the question came in my head. “These people, what are they doing in life? Are they happy? Are they working?” There is always a men training and running. I think he is there everyday. I hope that he likes what he is doing. It seems that he is training for something. Is it something he likes? And then this question came in my head. “Can someone holds you back from doing what you like?” It’s a scary question because, when someone has that much power over you. That you are going to stop with doing what you really like to do because of them! Nobody should have the power over you and especially from stopping you what you like doing! And then the question is. Why should you? You have to make your own mistakes and learn from it. You have to learn to make your dreams come true. People need to feel free to do what they want to do. Someone can give you advice but not in a way that you give up what you like doing. Advice needs to be given in a positive way. Not in a way that people start thinking that it is better to stop because he or she says that. Maybe that person is only jealous of you. And when you quit, he feels better about himself and better then you. Jealousy make people do stupid things. Never give up if someone who is jealous tell you to. Get advice from people who inspire you. Not who put you down or let you start thinking negative about what you like doing. Eventually you will wake up if it doesn’t work what you are doing.

A true friend encourages you to push your limits.

Just think about it and write to you soon!


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