Can you give someone more self-confidence when you are not feeling self confident sometimes?

Yes I think you can! Because I am that type of person. Having confidence in yourself is the most important thing in life. You can created it by yourself or someone else can give you self confidence. Situations that have happened can give you self-confidence. Or simply life can give you self-confidence. To be a little bit insecure it’s okay! Too much self-confidence can also make you weak at a certain point. To much confidence can break you anytime. Like insecurity! To much insecurity can make you weak. It can make you a target for bullying for example. In a group there is always someone who is weak. He leans on the group but it makes him also the target of the group. I think that people don’t need to be a target. I think it is more important to give that person more confidence. Make him stronger.

See the world of the wild animals. The weak ones are always a target. And they will be protected until a certain point but in the end they will not survive. I think that there are exceptions. But most of the time they will not survive. To be honest, I think we need to stand up more for the weaker people. What does it mean a weak person? When are you a weak person?
In a group you will always find a leader. The sheep’s who will follow. The black sheep’s. And the fake friend of the leader who wants to take his place in the group! My question is:” Why can’t we be all treated equally?” Off course a leader is always there in a group! But I think a good leader treats all of those people in his group equally. A leader must not create the difference between the people in his group. The leader doesn’t need to make mini groups in the big group. Give self-confidence to the people who need it more and stimulate them to grow. Teach the people with too much self-confidence to use their confidence in a good way.

But I think that a person with not much self confidence can stimulate people to have more self confidence. I am a person like that like I wrote in the beginning. I don’t know if that has to do with my character or it has to with being a survivor. Or deep down you can be a positive leader. But when you don’t have that much self confidence it makes you a target. And yes I was a target. Did it leave a scar? Yes a big scar! Do you regret that you didn’t stand up more for yourself? Yes I have regrets that I didn’t stand up enough. But I think it made me more feel to survive! And I think that a survivor is more powerful then a too confident leader! The scars will be there for the rest of my life but they made me the way I am today. And to be honest, I rather be a person with less self confidence then someone who walks over people with to much self confidence.

And still today I can give people with less self confidence more confidence! I will never stop doing that because everybody needs to have a chance to feel good about themselves. To feel that they can conquer the world.

Have great week everybody. Just think about it and write to you soon.

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