Is it so funny?

When I was picking up my son from school there was already waiting a couple (mum and dad) with a girlfriend. They were waiting for their daughter. As soon as I opened the gate, the man looked at me and whispered something in an ear off his wife. She turned around and looked at me. With a nasty giggle together they turned the other way and called their girlfriend. She also turned around and looked at me the same way like their friends.

It hurt but it didn’t hurt because I heard the voice of my husband in my head saying:” They are not worth it!” He is absolutely right! But why people have the urge to make fun off people? And it’s not even behind your back but right in your face. It makes me more angry. Do you have the balls to say it right in my face? No off course not. If you have this kind of attitude. How will your son of daughter grow up? Like a arrogant prick like you? I seriously don’t get it! Why do we have to treat or hurt people like that? Do you like it? Does it makes you feel better? Do you feel better then the other person?

Today I found this quote: “We live in a society where it is” the thing” to make fun of others. That simply isn’t acceptable, because everyone, everywhere is fighting a battle you don’t know about, or you don’t understand. Try compassion.” I think this is absolute true. The society is changing and I think having respect for people for the way they look or who they are, isn’t there anymore. To make fun of people is not always the right thing to do. Lets say never the right thing to do. It is unacceptable. Who knows what they are going trough. The second quote I found this morning.

“Before you make fun of someone, think about how you’d feel in their place. You shouldn’t laugh, tease, or make fun of anyone.” Off course among friends it is different but even friends can go to far and they don’t even realise it sometimes. But it is the same as my other article to try to stand in someone else’s shoes. If you make fun of someone, you don’t give anything about this person. You simply don’t care. And thats the part where its hurts! Someone doesn’t care about you! About your feelings. I teach my son’s to don’t laugh when they see someone struggling or falling on the ground. When the person is laughing by himself then it is ok to laugh with him. But help him to get back up their feet. I teach them to don’t make fun of people because of what they wearing. Or how they look. Or simply for who they are!

“You can tell a lot about a person’s character by what they laugh at.“ I think this is true. Off course you don ‘t know the whole character but you know what he is capable off . When this father off the couple giggled in a nasty way. I thought:” It is good that I don’t have my red wine with me and he isn’t wearing a white shirt! When a person is laughing because an old lady falls down from her bike and it is hurting so much that she can’t get up. Then you are really an ignorant person. Like funny videos. First they were on television but now they are more on Youtube. Most of the time I don’t think that they are funny at all. This is not respectful. Last time I saw also a lot of those on TikTok. Making fun of animals because they are left alone at home. They make a mess of the house. The owners come back home and start to shout at their animals. Those videos are making me angry. Don’t make fun of an innocent human being or an innocent animal.

“People who make fun others usually can’t think of a single good thing to say about themselves.“ I think people who are making fun of other people are so insecure about themselves. And to feel good about themselves they need to make fun of other people. The only word I can find for this, is mean. These people are ignorant and mean. It’s like a bloodsucker type. To feel good they need blood from someone else. They are not confident about themselves.

“If you can’t make fun of yourself, you don’t have any right to make fun of others.“ And so true if you can’t make fun of yourself then you are not entitled to make fun of someone else. How many times I have to laugh about myself about mistakes that I made. To make fun of yourself, it’s good for your ego.

“If people make fun of you, that probably means you’re doing something right.“

It’s all about self confidence! Love yourself and see through these people. Let them be.

Rise above them. Feel strong because 1. They ain’t worth it to worry about and 2. Don’t give them a chance to hurt you.

My parents taught me to always have a poker face! Don’t show them that you don’t like what they say or do. I know it’s easy to say but try. And now with these mask they can’t even seen your face. But they can see your eyes. The eyes sometimes can say enough! So big smile and just keep on going.

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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