Don’t touch the sound of silence.

Don’t mistake silence for weakness. Smart people don’t plan big moves out loud.

Sometimes moments in life can make you feel that it is better to stay in silence. There are people who need to be in the center of attention the whole day and every day. They feel confident about themselves and strong. They think that when someone is silent that they are weak. And they will provoke you in anyway. Or they will try to pursued other people to think that you are weak and an easy target. These days I have been more silent. I had inspiration but also I didn’t had any inspiration. Too many thoughts that I couldn’t put into places. Sometimes your head is to full of thoughts that even writing doesn’t help to clean it up. Sometimes only moments alone can help you. But these moments are rare to me. My family goes first at any time. But the consequences are that my mind is to full and my inspiration is gone to write a good article. I get more silent and more thoughts are coming into my head. Also these thoughts need to be sorted and put into places. You need to have time to work on yourself. To grow but also to be inspired and to keep on going with your life. Sometimes to be in silent is not a bad thing at all to me. I need to reload my battery in silence. Time for myself to think things over. To fantasize, to dream, to think and so much more. To feel that you are for a moment in another place. You take a big step out of your life and you feel free for a moment. Its like living a fantasy. Sometimes music can take you properly away but at a certain time you need to go back to reality. Yesterday evening I have started again with watching the serie Vikings. I also feel that kind of freedom when I’am looking that serie. Living realy that moment. I think the person who made this serie, is a genius. In Italian they say :” Ha fatto un capolavoro.” “He made a masterpiece!” I think he really made a masterpiece. It’s like I am living it. I think it’s not bad if you have dreams or you feel the need to fantasise. It’s beautiful when you can change yourself for a moment into another person. Play a role in your fantasy and feeling great. Because sometimes if you don’t feel great in real life it is difficult to stand up for yourself. So if you get the spirit to stand up and live your life again thanks to your fantasy or dream, it’s okay. To put yourself in another role but knowing that it ends and to turn back to your real life. Sometimes people who are acting to be someone else. When they are in their role they feel much more confident. They have more balls then when they are themselves. Maybe they feel much more stronger inside.

You can say that they are living a lie! But is that so? Maybe they are protecting themselves from getting hurt. Maybe they just like to be an actor but they never had the chance to be an actor.

Silent people have a reason to be silent. It’s their character. Only I think that when you are silent, try not to be to much silent because that could damage your soul and mind. Don’t be silent because you are afraid to say the wrong thing. Because eventually they will never listen to you and walk all over you. And if you want to say something, share it with the people who care for you. Who take the time to listen and talk.

Sometimes when you need time for yourself. Take it wisely. Because in the end it all starts with you! If you can take care of yourself, you can take care of others.

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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