Do you like to copy someone?

Why do people have the urge to copy other people?

For me it is every time a surprise to see that people need to copy other people on Instagram, Facebook and so on! I see that happening also with my kind of stories. Is it so difficult to be original? Is it all about jealousy? Is it all about wanting to be liked more? Yes I know on Instagram and Facebook when you have more comments and likes you are really the bomb! In the beginning I was also focused on the likes but now not at all. It doesn’t make any sense. You have to do what feels right to do. Be yourself and forget the likes. If they don’t like you, so what! I write because I want to inspire people. I am not writing because I want likes. We are living in a society where people need to have likes and positive comments. For what? Does it help you to feel better? A real friend makes you feel happy, Not all those fake likes! Because people who first follow you and after an hour they unfollow you because they only want to have more followers. Is really a sad thing to do. I think also disrespectful to the other person. Or not following back because you are famous. Is that really our society? To be popular is still a big issue in the society. Why can’t we be all egual? Why do we have to copy people so that we THINK that it will help us to grow the likes. Off course to be all egual is a big word. Because you need to feel free to express yourself. If you want to have purple hair. You get purple hair! If you want to have a tattoo or more tattoos. Get your tattoos. If you want to wear sneakers. Wear the sneakers. Feel free to be free! Feel free to express yourself with anything you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t copy people but be yourself. If you don’t get a like of a comment, who gives a shit! You do it for yourself not for the likes. Because if you are doing it for the like or to be accepted then hold on wait a minute. Don’t ever but really ever change yourself because you want to get in and accepted in a group! Because THEY need to accept you for who you are or want to be! A real friend accepts it when you have strange clothes, strange hair, if you are gay or heterosexual or anything else. If he doesn’t? Well then he isn’t your friend! If a person is copying you. He wants to be you. He is insecure and jealous. If you want to be his friend, help him to be original and give him self confidence. Why? Because both of you can learn and grow from it!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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