Is it so difficult to have respect for the nature?

During my workout in the morning it is every time a surprise to me, to see how much rubbish is there on the streets. There are so many rubbish bins on the street that it’s so easy to put rubbish in there but everyone is to lazy that we have to throw it on the ground. Well when you can throw your rubbish on the ground you can also throw it in the bin. Because it’s the same energy that you are using for putting it in a rubbish bin. I can’t understand those people who are not thinking about the nature. When we were all in lockdown you could see that the nature was healing its self. It was taking care of itself. The ocean was cleaner, the air was much more cleaner and there were so many beautiful colours of the nature that you have never seen before. So the lockdown was not only helpful for the people but it was more helpful for the nature.

We are separating our rubbish. We have separated rubbish bins for glass, for plastic and so on. But why do we still throw rubbish on the ground when we have the possibility to throw the rubbish in the rubbish bin where it belongs? It’s the right thing to do to separate your rubbish. We are teaching children at school to put the right rubbish in the right bin. But when the kids go outside they see all the rubbish on the ground.

It doesn’t make any sense to me. And the one thing that is making me so much angry is that people are throwing their masks on the ground. These masks are meant to put on your face and not on the ground. When your mask is dirty or anything else just put it in the rubbish bin where it belongs. I am ashamed of people who don’t get it that we have only one world, one nature, beautiful animals who are suffering from our ignorance. On Mondays when I’m going to the park to do my jogging, you can see that there have been people in the park in the weekend because there is so much rubbish that they don’t even put it in the rubbish bin anymore because they think it’s full. So they leave it near the rubbish bin on the ground. Is it so difficult to take a bag with you? To put your rubbish in it? And then when you’re home or you’re driving home and you see the right rubbish bin that you put it in there?

Here in Italy they have been starting with the plastic free at the beach. People have starting to make groups in the weekend to make the beach plastic free for example. I think that’s a wonderful initiative. Because when you see on the television or on Facebook or on Instagram or on tick-tock that there are animals especially animals in the ocean who are suffering from those plastic stuff it makes me cry. They don’t deserve this humiliation of the humanity. They didn’t ask for it to have all those plastic in the ocean. There are people who are saying that they like so much to see the nature because it’s wonderful. Wake up everybody you are starting to destroy the nature. Let’s say, you already are destroying the nature! From the minute that the lockdown one was finished there was already rubbish on the ground. And we can save this planet but if we do it together. I think if I was a policeman and I was walking on the street and seeing someone throwing rubbish on the ground, I would give him a fine! And I would let him clean the street with his bare hands. If we don’t do something now then it’s too late and maybe we are already too late. My kids for example like to throw away the rubbish because they need to have separate bags to throw away the rubbish. They like to separate the plastic from the glass and so on. And my eldest son had a project at school for the rubbish. I think it’s so important that we start these projects with kids but I think we need to start also with the grown-ups. Not the kids have to give an example! No, we as parents, as teachers, as normal people have to give a good example for the kids. We have to teach them how to use and throw away stuff. But I’m sorry to say, but our kids are teaching us at this moment how we need to separate the rubbish. They are teaching us! Because we are ignorant! They are fighting for their family that they will have a one day, instead we have to fight for our family today! And if we don’t start right now, then we will never start again. And keep it in mind that your kids have to live in that world with a lot of rubbish and destroying the nature.


“We must respect nature by listening to the things that she has to say. She doesn’t speak in any language we know, though. She speaks through the music of the wind and the sounds of birds. This music will not only hit our ears, but it will speak to us in our hearts and souls.”

This quote and text I found on the website written below the text. I think this text gives you something to think about. This text is absolutely right and so true. So i’am still hoping for that people are going to wake up and start to think with what they are doing with this still beautiful nature! Just think about it and write to you soon!


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