Are you afraid to look at yourself?

Why this question! I have been thinking about what I see on TikTok and on Instagram. People are putting theirselves out there like it’s nothing. Or don’t they look in the mirror? Are they not afraid to look themselves in the mirror? And when they do. What do they see? Are they standing with a mask in front of the mirror? First they post something and get comments that are positive but also negative. In the next post they put on Tiktok or Instagram they complain about the negative comments. I think:”Why are you surprised about that?” You know when you put yourself out there, that there are people who will write negative comments. Not only negative but also comments who are completely out of line.  Some people are strong and tell those negative people to piss off in a polite way in their next video. And other people are posting another video, where they show them that they are hurt by the negative comments. That’s why if you want to post yourself on those kind of sites you need to have a thick skin. Because there are people out there who never looks themselves in the mirror. Or they are looking but with their poker faces.

I am not afraid to look in the mirror. During my study time I have learned to look at myself and to be critical. Some people said that I was too critical about myself. Too critical is not good. Sometimes you have to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. It’s good to look at yourself. To love yourself. It makes you a strong person. But you have to be careful that you are not being influenced by the comments that you had before. Yes off course I have had comments. Yes they hurt. Yes they leave scars. And yes that makes you a survivor. Would it have helped me to look more in the mirror. Yes! Would you change something? Absolutely yes! And that is to stand up more for myself. Defending my inner self. So yes it is good to look in the mirror and having balls to say that you love yourself and that you’re beautiful like any other person on this planet. That you are worth it to be there and to stand in front of the mirror. Be proud of who you are.

Do you know when you need to have balls? When you know that you have done something wrong and you knew it was wrong. Well then try to look in the mirror!

“So much of how you look at yourself in the mirror reflects how you feel about yourself, and how you comport yourself.”

I found this quote earlier and I had to read it a couple of times to understand. But this quote is true. Because if you are being an asshole, probably you have been looking in the mirror with a kind of arrogance. And I think that is a kind of arrogance to survive. It covers your insecurity. Some people who feel that insecurity, insult people to feel better. Some people who are feeling insecure, are trying to hide themselves from those assholes.  But get hurt any way thanks to those arrogant people. Because they put themselves out there anyway. I think that those people who are insecure and putting them out there any way, are the ones with balls. They know that people will make comments. Maybe they want to show the world that many things are not accepted. They show that there still isn’t respect in this world. Thanks to all the media it is to easy to insult or bully people. It is too easy! Because people always have something to say! Are we not supposed to be and to feel free who you want to be? Can we all look together in the mirror without our masks? Be sincerely, appreciated and true to one another? Is that really so difficult?

To have an opinion you may always have, but don’t speak it out loud when you are not supposed to. Instead of breaking someone’s heart, try heal it with positivity. Then try to look in the mirror with out a poker face but with your real honest face. Just think about and write to you soon.

Give people wings to fly!

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