Can you trust someone?

To be honest I wanted to write a different kind of article because my website was meant to be a website where I could show my photography but it became really a mix of pieces on my mind. But I think when you’re a creative person with a passion for photography and writing it comes together. You also write a story by making pictures. The story is told by the photo itself. Maybe the photographer tells a story but another person sees a totally different story. And that is the beauty of art and of being an artist.

But tonight I was talking to my husband about trust. Can you trust people? I showed him a message that I have got from a woman at Instagram. I have a Instagram where I show my workouts and my passion for running. My Instagram called Energy Mary and she asked me if I needed help. I showed it to my husband. He said to leave it because she is for sure someone who wants to self products. A little bit made me angry because why can’t we trust her? So After this conversation I wanted to think and write about this topic. Normally it helps me when I read quotes about these topics. I have found some but it didn’t made it easier to make a conclusion.

“It is important not to trust people too much.”

This quote kept me thinking. Especially in these moments in the world. I still keep saying that the people are changing in this world. Thanks to many things. I agree that you cannot trust people too much. But what is too much? When she is truly your friend?

“You must trust and believe in people, or life becomes impossible.“

This quote is what I am always saying. At one point you need to trust and believe in people otherwise you will never be able to trust someone. There has to be some people that you can trust. And to trust someone goes by itself. It takes time to trust someone.

“If you can’t trust people, who can you trust?”

I absolutely agree! Who can you trust if you cannot trust people? Yes maybe your dog or your cat but that is another kind of article.

I would like to have more faith in people because I think it is important to be surrounded by people that you can trust and accept you as a friend. Who knows if this woman wants to self products to me. I don’t know. And if she does you can always say no! Everything starts somewhere. Everyone starts somewhere, some day. If we don’t trust people, what will happen in this world? Off course you cannot trust everybody but you start with trusting yourself first and then someone. I think it is nice to have someone who supports you in working out your goals. Who stands beside you and give you some tips for how it better or maybe do it differently. If this woman can give me tips and information about running I am all ears. It is nice to work on your passion by yourself but you need sometimes also someone who pushes you in the right directions.

I wanted to search for a better one but I found this quote. “ Everyone needs a gym buddy.” It’s nice to workout and diet by yourself but sometimes it is nice to have a buddy who supports you! If you are not open for it then you will never know what their intentions were. And people who have the same passion will work together anyway. I think what I am trying to say Is that off course you can work alone but you need people in your life. You need friends in your life. If you work in the office you have colleagues. If you are a football player you have teammates. Sometimes working together can bring the best I you. Can give you the strength and the courage that you need. A group of friends who do sports together can give you more possibilities to complete your goal.

“ Those who fly solo have the strongest wings!”

I love this one! And I think that I am in that stage now. Off course I have my husband by my side but my passion for running and photography is something that I am doing on my own. So I hope that my wings will get much stronger and that I can protect my husband and my two sons with these beautiful wings!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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