That even now you’ll take hold
That even now you’ll beat it
Don’t you know?”
~ Kensington

When you have lost control, what do you do? Today is a strange day. To many thoughts and emotions. Too much inside that needs to be put in their places or just to get out. I’am listening to the band Kensington. I have been missing their music. With days like this they are my medicine to get the strength to keep going foward. Life can be difficult sometimes but you need to learn that there are people who are maybe in a worse position then you and they don’t have the possibility to get out. And there are always people who are in better positions then you are. You have to accept that but also you don’t have to accept it and that’s the point where you have the choice to change when you have the chance.

“The task is not to control the Wind, But to direct the movements of the ship so that it stays on course.“

This quote is a very good quote for the situation where I am in now. Of course you need to take control when you lost control but you have to find the right plan or new goal in life to continue with your journey. You have to continue with your journey without stopping from losing control. It’s okay to lose control sometimes because it makes you alert and awake and it gives you the spirit to make new goals in your life. The songs of the band Kensington are telling a story and these stories are for real. It gives me a kind of energy that is dangerous if you don’t know how to use the energy at the right moment. I have been using this energy for running and it helped me to do an excellent workout. It helped me to achieve what I wanted for a long time. At the time you have your control back but it doesn’t mean that the control that you’re missing is totally back. Because my head was still full of thoughts and difficulties to be put into places. But I achieved my goal which I was missing for a long time. But in these moments of time with the world is changing and there are still difficulties with this virus and you don’t feel free to be free, it is more difficult to express yourself and to put into places all the thoughts that are coming into your head. I think in this time people have so many emotions and they are so influenced by the media that they have troubles with themselves and with the world around them. Don’t stop with communicating and don’t stop with isolating you from other people. Share your thoughts, share your feelings, share your emotions with each other because otherwise if you keep it all up to yourself and then the bomb will go off one day and when it’s too late. Search for moments in time for yourself. It’s important that you have your time. Only you! Try to relax in the way you want to relax. And then you will get your control back. Maybe my head was full of thoughts and I wanted to write them down in many articles because then these thoughts are going in the places where they belong. I’m still surprised about what I’m seeing on TikTok. Maybe I am looking to much to TikTok but I see what the media is doing to people. And of course this TikTok is maybe helping people to get through to the lockdown or to the virus but in the end it’s all fake. Control yourself you don’t need TikTok to control yourself.

“Broke in two
How wonderful
How vulnerable
You see me laughing
Don’t you know?
Don’t you” ~ Kensington

This song text with Kensington is really good. Especially when they’re saying when they’re broken into two that they are vulnerable but still laughing. I think when you’re losing control you are vulnerable and you are broken but some people are still trying to laugh because they don’t want to show you that they are vulnerable and some people show you that they are vulnerable. I think it’s only good when you show that you are vulnerable only with your love ones because this world is so damn harsh that people take advantage of you when you are in a vulnerable stage. When I know that I am vulnerable because I have lost control, I will put up my poker face but the only person knows when I put up my poker face on are my love ones. And it should be like that way. When you’re vulnerable you need to feel safe with your love ones that they will protect you and guide you when you need protection or guidance. Of course sometimes you’re too proud to show that you are vulnerable but in the end they are the only one who you can trust. When I see people crying on TikTok in one point I think that they really have to balls to show people that you can cry and that it’s normal to cry and it’s normal to show your feelings. Because there is no acceptance in this world at this moment. But on the other hand why are you putting yourself out there so vulnerable? There are always two sides to every story and I think everybody has the right to show themselves for who they really are. So if you are crying or if you want to show that you are different than anyone else it’s your choice. And sometimes I think it’s the right thing to do, to show to the world that there are people different than you are and accept them from who they are. So in the end, do the things you want and get your control back. I have many other ways to get my control back and I am already starting with getting my control back. And of course a lot of thanks to this amazing band Kensington, keep on writing songs guys and keep on singing!

Just think about it and write to you soon!

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