Besides my photography, I want to develop more in meditation. I have no idea what I’m getting into but it appeals to me. I don’t know anything about meditation yet and so I really have to start from the beginning. Tonight it is the 24 of May and I have been starting with the journey and  search to meditation.

You have different kinds of meditation. I know but where does it actually come from and what is meditation?

Meditation is a form of spiritual practice. Many religions and beliefs knows meditation in one form or another.
In the 20th century, a renewed interest in meditation and the expansion of consciousness arose in the West. Meditation is now mainly known from Hinduism and Buddhism, in which meditation is an essential method of achieving the goals they describe.

I have been reading also that you have the Christian, Hindu and Buddhist meditation. I was raised Catholic and I got a lot from that. But now I’m looking for what might suit me even better when I think about meditation.

To return to the type of meditation, I think that I feel more for Buddhism.

But that is all for tonight because I have some searching to do!



Today it is Thursday the  4 of June and i haven t been writing for a while for my search to meditation.  But everyday still searching the moments to meditate. Before starting writing here again i wrote a piece for my website . I have been listening to zen music during writing the piece. That always helps me to concentrate. Also when i hear my kids in the background playing.

It kept me thinking what music can do with a person. Not even only music but also other things in life.  I have started to work with the app of the weight watchers and the advise you to take time to meditate. So i can use the app to explore more. But i choose total my own road. Last week i read first the difference between  Buddhism and Hinduism.

I will follow the road to Buddhism.

There are two kinds of meditation:  1.Samatha meditation, focused on one-pointedness and tranquility of mind. 2 Vipassana meditation, in which practice is observed in attentively observing the changes of the mind.

Dejhanas (mental galvanizations) play an important role in both meditation methods. Ven. Bhante Vimalaramsi is based on a combination of rest and insight meditation.

In the different forms of Buddhism these two types of meditation are used together. In Vajrayana Buddhism (such as Tibetan Buddhism) there are techniques that combine both of these main forms. Like Zen. Even though Zen is largely dependent on the concentration.
However, there are also Theravada movements that consider samatha (concentration) in combination with sila (morality) as the foundation and condition for insight.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the word for meditation is “gum,” which means “habituation.” This means getting used to positive states of the mind and avoiding negative states of the mind.